Kimi to quit after Ferrari

Posted: October 16, 2006 by Neeraj in Drivers, Ferrari, Formula-One, Kimi Raikkonen, Michael Schumacher, Teams

Kimi RaikkonenAs reported on updatesport

Raikkonen told Auto Motor Und Sport: “I do not think I will drive (in F1) as long as (Michael) Schumacher did.” He added: “Ferrari will probably be my last team.”

Probably !! Guess everything depends on whether he win races & championships with Ferrari or not !!

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  1. Shashank says:

    Yeah, but considering that Micheal was with ferrari for 9 years, you might see Raikonnen as well till he’s around 35…

  2. Cyrus Poncha says:

    Let him race for them first before talking about quitting

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