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Where it as lead-from-start-to-finish race for Felipe Massa and cool and calm driving from Fernando Alonso, it was not the same from Michael Schumacher. What we saw of him yesterday, was Michael Schumacer at his best, driving a superior car and ready to lock his horns with any and every one.

Michael SchumacherThough our hearts sank when his left-rear tyre got punctured and had to make a unscheduled pitstop. But the drive after that, is something that most of people will remember for a long time to come. The best part was the message that Reubens Barrichello got from his Race Engineer, “Michael is behind you, race him”.

And Giancarlo Fisichella showed the kind of deep trouble Renualt is going to be in next season, after making mistake by braking too late and missing the 1st turn when Schumacher was on his tail second time.

Kimi Raikkonen, showed he can fight, even if the driver is from the team he will be joining next year. But Michael really was on fire and there was nothing that Kimi could do more to stop him. We know, if he have had even 2 more laps to go, he would have been breathing down Button’s neck.

On his part, Button had a very good race, starting from 14th in the grid to 3rd. Honda indeed managed to get together a very competitive car for him.

Fernando AlonsoBut the toasts of the day went to Massa for winning the Brazilian Grand Prix [first Brazilian since Ayrton Senna won in 1993] and to Fernando Alonso for retaining his title for consecutive years. And as he said, retaining the title when Michael Schumacher was around.

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  1. Steve says:

    It is an end of an era. Michael demonstrated his dominance of the sport even when he was relegated to 19th spot on the track due to a tire flat. To drive from over 70 seconds down to 4th was amazing to watch.

    NASCAR fans insist F1 is boring because there is no lead changes, the same guy always wins, etc. I think what they fail to realize is that the constraints of televising F1 forces the producers to focus on the leader(s) of the race; second, when you have someone as dominate as Schumi has been for the last 12+ years (i know he’s been racing 16 years), he’s in the lead a lot; he’s a phenomenal driver who darn near impossible to catch AND pass. That being said, the next few years really look up for F1 in terms of competition and excitement.

  2. Henrick says:

    It certainly was a race to remember. Watching what Schumi did, I could only but wonder about how the next season is going to be. I hope there will be much more competition, after all there are at least three contenders to the title: Alonso, Kimi, Massa. Maybe Button and, why not, Kubica will join them. However, we won’t be able to witness one of the best drivers ever again. His race was memorable.
    Nevertheless, as a Brazilian, I must confess that seeing Felipe Massa stop his car to get the Brazilian flag brought back lots of memories of Ayrton Senna. That was defenitely THE moment of the race for me.
    It couldn’t have been better!!
    Now let’s wait for 2007…

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