Coulthard calls for Schumacher apology

Posted: October 30, 2006 by Neeraj in David Coulthard, Drivers, Ferrari, Formula-One, Michael Schumacher, Red Bull, Teams

David CoulthardAs reported on M&C Sport

David Coulthard says he thinks that Michael Schumacher should apologies for his past behavior on the track now that he has retired … he thinks that some of the former seven times world champion’s manoeuvres still had question marks over them.

The Red Bull driver said that if Michael didn’t apologise then it would be worrying, but that if he thinks he doesn’t even have anything to apologise for then it was even more concerning. Coulthard said that he was making the observations as an F1 fan and that he had a good off-track relationship with Schumacher working within the Grand Prix Drivers Association.

We have great respect for DC as a Formula 1 driver given his driving skills and experience. But this new “thought” of his is something we are not able to understand. Maybe we are a bit biased towards Schumi, so we will go by what you think about this. Do you really think Schumacher should issue a formal apology for his old misdeeds ??

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  1. ccmcchow says:

    no. not necessary

  2. E@zyVG says:

    For what? What it’s going to bring to F1 …. nada.

    Don’t think it is necessary …. besides MS should think about it himself, not some other driver indicating what he should do, including DC himself.

  3. MS says:

    If MS did not apologize when it ACTUALLY happened how the hell can you expect him to apologize much after the fact. It would only take away from his record. It’s much like Pete Rose and baseball where he didn’t apologize for gambling on his team then, how do you expect to him to apoligize now and lose ALL his credibility?

  4. vbg says:

    All of us know about MSC idea about sport; all of us know DC as a real gentleman.
    This 2 different positions I think explain everything; maybe others as Frentzen, Villeneuve or Hill should answer about this 😉

  5. Cyrus Poncha says:

    why cant DC stop whining and drive a car fast for once. he is too old for the sport, let him give his seat to NK

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