Barrichello blames Honda for lack of success

Posted: October 31, 2006 by Neeraj in Drivers, Formula-One, Honda, Rubens Barrichello, Teams

Rubens BarrichelloAs reported on

“Here we do too much PR and we think too little about driving,” Rubens told Autosprint magazine. “I’m fighting to change this situation. This year I’ve lost time, with the team, to get used to drive this Honda.”

Rubens lays a lot of blame at the teams door, explaining that the Brackley based squad were reluctant to change systems to meet the drivers needs, despite evidence that things were clearly wrong … Surprisingly, Rubens admits that he didn’t push hard enough for changes early on. “Besides, you know, you can’t just arrive in a new team and start beating your fists on the table to impose your will,” says the Brazilian. “Now that I’m more accustomed, I can do that.”

“In my opinion next year will be better,” added Barrichello. “We’ve yet to understand why sometimes we are in good shape and other times bad. If you don’t understand that you don’t know how and where to improve.”

And we are also looking forward to better results from Barrichello. We all know he has the potential to do it, and hope that Honda delivers it next season.

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