Alonso Buys Home in Switzerland

Posted: November 3, 2006 by Neeraj in David Coulthard, Drivers, Fernando Alonso, Formula-One, Jacques Villeneuve, Jean Alesi, Legends, Michael Schumacher

Fernando AlonsoAs reported on FeedMeF1

Retired seven time title winner Michael Schumacher, who lives in tranquil Switzerland, has a new neighbour. Swiss newspaper ‘Tribune de Geneve’ reports on Wednesday that the 25-year-old Spaniard has bought a villa in Mont-Sur-Rolle. The latest reports assert that Alonso’s new villa is in the Vaud region, in the west of Switzerland and merely twelve kilometres from Schumacher’s home in Vufflens-le-Chateau.

And not just Michael, there are more F1 drivers Alonso will be a neighbor to, like David Coulthard, Jacques Villeneuve & Jean Alesi.

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