Fisichella: I can win the title next year

Posted: November 6, 2006 by Neeraj in Drivers, Fernando Alonso, Formula-One, Giancarlo Fisichella, Renault, Teams

Giancarlo FisichellaAs reported on

Italian Giancarlo Fisichella believes he will be fighting for the drivers’ world title next year despite his disappointing 2006 season. The Roman was overshadowed by Renault teammate Fernando Alonso for the second year in a row, the Spaniard going on to take his second consecutive title after seven race wins.

“I’m confident to win the world championship; I will be a main player together with Raikkonen and Alonso,” Fisichella was quoted as saying by Gazzetta dello Sport on Monday. “I’m aware that for next year I have at my disposal a great car and a great team with whom I’ve already worked for two years, so I know them well.”

Best of Luck Fisi. Let’s hope you are capable of proving what you say.

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  1. Paul F. says:

    I’ll believe it when I see it. He better do something close to that I’d imagine. BTW, I like what you’ve done to your blog. It looks great!

  2. LoudHoward says:

    I think he’s proved he’s not a top 5 driver, he’ll need to double the points of HK next season to have any respectability – otherwise Webber may well sweep in and take his seat (dependant on how he goes at RBR vs DC).

  3. E@zyVG says:

    Good luck Fisi … seriously doubt that you

  4. Maria Rom says:

    The gay is delirious, he is day-dreaming….

  5. grazitaly says:

    Fisichella is the best italian driver, and im italian!

  6. says:

    Fernando Alonso will win the world title again at McLaren

  7. lala says:

    Goodluck, Fisi…
    But i support Alonso to be the world champion next year..

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