Honda to unveil innovative livery in 2007

Posted: December 14, 2006 by Neeraj in Formula-One

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Honda F1

“We have a marketing plan, which will surprise a lot of people and get them interested by our approach for next year,” team boss Nick Fry tells “You will not see a car covered in Honda logos, it will be something very different.”

Fry says they plan to unveil the new car, likely to be dubbed the RA107, in late January. It will run in an all-black livery until the second unveiling prior to the start of the season.

There is a image of Black HondaF1 car along with the above article on TSN.CA, but we are not sure that is what new Honda F1 car will look like [hence not posting that image with this entry]. Will keep you posted on the same subject as and when we’ll get more details.

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  2. charlie says:

    pic from f1 racing mag shows partnership with bp, and green seatbelts back up speculation

  3. Sunil says:

    As Nick Fry says, the car will not have any of the Honda logos. My guess would be, instead of having logos painted or having logo stickers, an image display will be used(more like a molded LCD display). Then multiple images can be shown like on a billboard display.

    This technology was recently developed in Australia(I’m not sure…. read it in an article a year ago). The molded display was designed specifically for auto racing applications.

    (This is just a guess)

  4. Jonty says:

    Anyone have any idea when the unveiling wil take place?

  5. Neeraj says:

    @Jonty, the new livery will be unveiled later this month. No dates have been given as yet.

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