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BMW Sauber

BMW-Sauber Motorsport director Mario Theissen unveiled ‘Albert 2’ at the team’s Hinwil factory today as he revealed the team were going their own route in opting away from traditional wind tunnel use. “Having two wind tunnels makes no sense to us. We want to be at the top of CFD and in order to be there we need a strong tool. With Albert 2 we have what we need to become the top in aerodynamics.” Dr Theissen said.

The Intel-powered computer is five times more powerful that its predecessor Albert, and is three times faster. Albert 2 can make 12,288,000,000,000 calculations per second. This is the equivalent of more than one million people multiplying two numbers every three seconds for an entire year.

WOW!! Some cracking numbers here !! No doubts super computers are the way of the future & cost effective as well.

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Honda F1As reported on homeofsport

Senior Aerodynamicist Simon Lacey has left Honda’s F1 team, according to reports. Unofficial website says he is bound for the role of ‘Chief Aerodynamicist’ at McLaren. At Ron Dennis’ Woking based outfit, he replaces Peter Prodromou, who started work at Red Bull Racing this week.

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Felipe MassaAs reported on

“Of course, we are at a point in the championship where, naturally, there is pressure on us,” began Felipe Massa. “It is a delicate moment. But this is a normal situation: when you are a Ferrari driver and the team is fighting for the titles then there will always be pressure.”

“I see us in good shape at all three remaining races,” he maintained. “The three circuits should suit us well and even here in Shanghai, Ferrari has won before. However, having said that, the past does not count. What is important is that, this year, we have gone well on tracks with similar characteristics, like Turkey and Malaysia, so these circuits all share some similarities with Shanghai and I think you can say the same about Suzuka next weekend.”

“We have new things on the car such as new aerodynamic components and suspensions and that should help us a bit,” he revealed. “I think we have done a solid job in this area and it gives me more confidence. Certainly, our rivals have also got new parts but I know we will have a competitive package.”

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WilliamsAs reported on

“We had a positive test at Silverstone last week where Alex tested a revised aero package that we will bring with us for the final three rounds,” said technical director Sam Michael. “We also concentrated on tyre testing in preparation for these races and are confident of our selection. This season has been tough for the team, so some good results in Asia and Brazil would be welcome and well deserved for everyone at Grove, and for the crew at Cosworth, who have all worked so hard this year.”

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Rubens BarrichelloAs reported on

“The venue holds some pretty special memories for me as I won the very first Grand Prix there from pole position in 2004 which was a great weekend,” said Reubens Barrichello. “With three races left of the season, my aim is to put the car into a podium position and I believe that we can deliver the performance to achieve this.”

“The tests in Jerez have been very positive with developments on the aero and electronics packages, plus intensive evaluation of the tyres for Shanghai and the final races,” he added. “Importantly the car and engine were very reliable and we hope that this will enable us to continue the strong performance that we have shown over the last three races.”

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Jenson ButtonAs reported on

“Yet again we have had good reliability and it was very pleasing to see the two engines reach their target mileage,” Jenson Button added. “We have got a lot of positive results from the three days and completed our planned programme of aero and tyre work. We were the very last team to end our test programme with Michelin and a big thank you to them and our test team. I’m looking forward to getting out to China now and hopefully getting some good results in the final three races of the season,” he concluded

So are we happy Jenson. Looking forward to Shanghai and some good driving from you & Reubens.

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FIA and teams delay aero rules revamp

Posted: September 19, 2006 by Neeraj in aerodynamics, Engines, FIA, Formula-One

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Formula One teams and the FIA have agreed to delay the introduction of new aerodynamic regulations to help overtaking, at a meeting in Paris today …. one of the major discussion points was the FIA’s plans for a Centreline Downwash Generating (CDG) Wing, which had been penciled in for introduction from the start of 2008 … However, with both parties agreeing that more work was needed to finalise a design both parties were happy with, it was agreed that it would be better to delay the introduction of a new concept until 2009.

The teams also approved plans to introduce engine homologation next season, despite a push from some manufacturers in recent weeks to free up engine development … The statement said: “The homologated engine to be that used at the 2006 Japanese Grand Prix, subject to retuning for a maximum of 19,000 rpm. Full details of the retuning to be submitted to the FIA no later than December 15, 2006, and the definitive engine to be delivered by March 1, 2007.”

The teams have also agreed that testing restrictions based on distance covered rather than days will come into force next year. The plan is to adopt the 30,000kms limit laid down in the 2008 sporting regulations from 2007.

Finally some sense comes into FIA [read Mad Max] regarding aerodynamic changes.

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