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Honda F1As reported on

According to, the team plans to introduce their 2007-spec engine at the next race in Italy with the goal of using the final four races of the year to fine tune it before the planned engine freeze.

Turkey marked the second race for both Honda drivers so each will be allowed to change their engine prior to the next race in Italy. Honda plans to test the new engine for the first time this week at Monza. The new engine will also require some modifications to be made to the RA106 chassis.

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MichelinAs reported on FeedMeF1

Tyre supplier Michelin’s total formula one withdrawal in a little over three months could be starting to affect the outcome of the 2006 world championship fight.

‘AS’ newspaper in Spain reports that Gerald Brussoz, formerly in charge of tyre development at Michelin, is now ensconced in a role at Ferrari. His job is to oversee the integration of the red chassis with its Bridgestone tyres, and was responsible for a rear suspension system that was fitted to Michael Schumacher’s victorious car at Magny Cours.

Moreover, it is understood that Francois Xavier Gibert no longer attends grands prix for Michelin, which is pulling out of the sport in protest of the FIA’s ‘control tyre’ rule of 2008 and beyond.

This is really bad news specially for Renault and for other Michelin-prod teams as well. Renault definitely have the Championships on line and if Michelin didn’t bring their act together, it’s doomed for Renault. Though I think that Michelin will act more professional and would definitely like to go out of F1 on a winning note.

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ExxonMobil has announced a long-term extension of itsTechnology Partnership with Team McLaren Mercedes to supply theFormula 1 racing team with Mobil 1-branded motor oils andhigh-performance fuels.

The Mobil 1, McLaren and Mercedes-Benz Technology Partnershipbegan in 1995, producing continuous advances in the technologies usedby Team McLaren Mercedes in Formula 1 racing, as the sportconcurrently provides the ultimate testing environments for fuels andlubricants and in everyday motoring.

Some facts from 12 successful years [of partnership]:

  • During a Formula 1 race, the Mobil 1 engine oil must withstand engine forces greater than 8,500 times the force of gravity (in contrast humans struggle to remain functional above 5 g’s).
  • During a race Mobil 1 must perform at temperatures in excess of 300 degrees C (572 degrees F) — hot enough to melt tin and close to the melting point of lead.
  • ExxonMobil supplies Team McLaren Mercedes with Mobil 1 engine, gearbox and chassis lubes, in addition to high performance fuel.
  • The latest extension to the Technology Partnership between McLaren Mercedes and ExxonMobil makes it one of the longest relationships in Formula 1 motorsport.

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