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Kimi RaikkonenAs reported on

“My toughest rival won’t be Fernando, but my teammate Felipe Massa,” Kimi Raikkonen told Bild magazine in an interview. “From now on, I’ll see McLaren-Mercedes only in my rear-view mirrors.”

“There are many reasons why in five years I only won nine times,” he added. “Certainly I made a few mistakes too many, but the car was often not consistent enough, simply. I had opted for Ferrari a long time ago, and I’m convinced with this team I will become world champion. That’s my objective, even though it’s hard to say whether I’ll manage that immediately.”

Already basking in the Scarlet color and talking their language ?? Although we also have our own ‘concerns’ regarding Alonso’s decision to move to McLaren given their performance this year, but we are hoping that they can turn around this pretty quickly and we’ll have another interesting season next year.

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Jarno TruliAs reported on Reuters

“Whoever drives for them will have a big advantage,” the Italian told the Gazzetta dello Sport newspaper on Tuesday. “I don’t think the departure of Schumacher or (technical director Ross) Brawn will change much. Even (Felipe) Massa can win with the current Ferrari.”

“We [Toyota] suffered from the switch from Michelin tyres to Bridgestone,” said Trulli, who signed a new three-year contract this season. “And then there were reliability problems. I believe in Toyota’s potential but we need to quicken our step.”

As far as Ferrari goes, that is what everyone is hoping and looking forward to. We also know that Toyota has the potential, but given their current form, they really need something extraordinary to come in top three positions.

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Felipe MassaAs reported on homeofsport

Spain’s Marca newspaper revealed that the 25-year-old Brazilian credits not changing his underpants for three days for aiding his home win at Interlagos earlier this month. “If my weekend begins well,” Massa confessed, “I use the same underpants on Saturday. If that is also a good day, I wear them on Sunday. “That is what I did in Brazil.”

Eew !! That’s one driver we would think twice before hugging after a race 🙂

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Where it as lead-from-start-to-finish race for Felipe Massa and cool and calm driving from Fernando Alonso, it was not the same from Michael Schumacher. What we saw of him yesterday, was Michael Schumacer at his best, driving a superior car and ready to lock his horns with any and every one.

Michael SchumacherThough our hearts sank when his left-rear tyre got punctured and had to make a unscheduled pitstop. But the drive after that, is something that most of people will remember for a long time to come. The best part was the message that Reubens Barrichello got from his Race Engineer, “Michael is behind you, race him”.

And Giancarlo Fisichella showed the kind of deep trouble Renualt is going to be in next season, after making mistake by braking too late and missing the 1st turn when Schumacher was on his tail second time.

Kimi Raikkonen, showed he can fight, even if the driver is from the team he will be joining next year. But Michael really was on fire and there was nothing that Kimi could do more to stop him. We know, if he have had even 2 more laps to go, he would have been breathing down Button’s neck.

On his part, Button had a very good race, starting from 14th in the grid to 3rd. Honda indeed managed to get together a very competitive car for him.

Fernando AlonsoBut the toasts of the day went to Massa for winning the Brazilian Grand Prix [first Brazilian since Ayrton Senna won in 1993] and to Fernando Alonso for retaining his title for consecutive years. And as he said, retaining the title when Michael Schumacher was around.

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FerrariAs reported on

Ferrari have discovered that Schumacher’s blow-up was caused by a failure in the upper part of a valve – and is the first time this season that it has occurred. To add to the team’s frustrations, the part has been used for several races already.

“It’s the first time we had it, and it’s nothing to do with what happened to Felipe’s engine,” Ferrari spokesman Luca Colajanni said. “We’re still doing more analysis to understand why there was this failure, but it was nothing to do with the other one. That was in the same area, but it was a completely different thing. It was not a part that had been recently introduced, so this is why it’s strange. It happened in Suzuka, but it could have happened in Hockenheim. It’s the kind of thing that can always happen. It’s just a shame that it happened when it did.”

This generally happens when people does something after a long time … things tend to seem difficult 🙂

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Fernando AlonsoFernando Alonso couldn’t have been happier, Felipe Massa couldn’t have looked more grin grim & Giancarlo Fisichella couldn’t have looked more tired a tearful Giancarlo Fisichella who came to know that he has lost a very dear friend. That are the top 3 finishers of Japanese Grand Prix at Suzuka. And Michael Schumacher was left with a blown engine after leading from Alonso for almost 2/3rd of the race.

With this win, Drivers Championship is almost sealed with Alonso, all he has to do is get just 1 more point at Interlagos. And even Renault scored very important 16 points in Constructor’s Championship, leading Ferrari from 7 points.

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FerrariAs reported on HomeofSport

As teammates Fernando Alonso and Giancarlo Fisichella tried to keep Michael Schumacher behind them on the Shanghai circuit last Sunday, they resorted to driving side-by-side down the straights in an apparently elaborate and dubious blocking technique.

Ferrari boss Jean Todt observed: “We have learned from what our rivals did. We now know what is allowed. It is up to you to judge if (the tactics) are usual or unusual. We are just taking it into consideration. We have demonstrated we are very tight and hard competitors to fight with as well, so it will be interesting.”

The irony !! It was not long ago when Ferrari was critcised for giving orders to Reubens to move over for Michael and vice-versa. Not things seems to have came back to haunt them and it hurst more because it is crunch time. But we hope that this issue does not turn too dirty which will obviously be bad for the sport.

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