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Fernando AlonsoAs reported on FeedMeF1

Retired seven time title winner Michael Schumacher, who lives in tranquil Switzerland, has a new neighbour. Swiss newspaper ‘Tribune de Geneve’ reports on Wednesday that the 25-year-old Spaniard has bought a villa in Mont-Sur-Rolle. The latest reports assert that Alonso’s new villa is in the Vaud region, in the west of Switzerland and merely twelve kilometres from Schumacher’s home in Vufflens-le-Chateau.

And not just Michael, there are more F1 drivers Alonso will be a neighbor to, like David Coulthard, Jacques Villeneuve & Jean Alesi.

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Fernando AlonsoAs reported on reuters

Poland’s Robert Kubica can be a Formula One star of the future, according to world champion Fernando Alonso ……. “This is what happens always. We lost Villeneuve but Kubica came in, who I think is a good driver and probably a star of the future,” said the 25-year-old Spaniard.

Amen !

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As reported on Homeofsport

Felipe Massa

After sharing a team with Villeneuve in 2005, he said seven time champion Schumacher – his Ferrari teammate in 2006 – is the better driver. “Jacques is a very good driver with a lot of talent,” 25-year-old Massa is quoted as saying by Eurosport Automagazin, “but Michael is simply better. He always does what is necessary. It is difficult to name another driver of his calibre.”

Hey !! He didn’t said anything about Michael being “evil” !

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Jacques VilleneuveAs reported on FeedMeF1

French-Canadian Villeneuve, 35, said: “I think the day he hangs up his helmet people will just forget him.” …. Villeneuve and Schumacher’s acrimony dates back to 1997, where at Jerez they collided at the climax of their championship duel. “Michael simply isn’t a great champion,” Jacques continued, “because he’s played too many dirty tricks and because he isn’t a great human being.” …. “He thinks he’s bigger than the sport, and when he retires, and no one really remembers him, that will become clear.”

Trying to be in limelight JV? We know you have decided to concentrate on your singing career [well, F1 career had already sulked years ago], so it seems you are practicing the word play! Hey, why don’t you write a song about Michael Schumacher and your “differences”, you might get some publicity out of that.

Hey, what did you said ??? “The Day He Hangs Up His Helmet” … not asked to hang up his helmet like someone [or shown the door as some would put it] !! We have nothing against you JV, but you really should learn to keep your mouth shut, except when you are singing.

DISCLAIMER: We had not heard JV singing, nor have any intention of doing so. If you feel infuriated/hurt by us asking to keep his mouth shut except when he is singing, then let us know and we will gladly take our word back and publish an update for the same. But until then, we would like to give benefit-of-doubt to JV as far as his singing goes.

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Robert KubicaAs reported on CNN

BMW Sauber said the 21-year-old test driver had been promoted to the race seat after 1997 world champion Villeneuve told them he had not fully recovered from an accident at Hockenheim last weekend.

“I had prepared myself for a whole year without actually competing in any races so I’m even happier to get his opportunity,” he said. “I’m proud that BMW Sauber has such confidence in me. I’m determined not to let them down.” Robert Kubica said.

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Jacques Villeneuve
As reported on

Canadian Jacques Villeneuve says he might quit Formula 1 this year and move to the US-based Nascar championship in 2007. It seems likely that Villeneuve will be dropped by BMW Sauber at the end of the 2006 season in favour of Polish test driver Robert Kubica……with no top teams apparently interested in him either……

Villeneuve said at the weekend: “Going to Nascar might not be such a bad career move because it’s the most exciting race series in the US and it’s a very different discipline to F1. I would not consider it a step down. Would I consider a move to stock cars? I would. But I would have to consider my family too as we would have to move to the US.”

That would be a perfect move for you JV! Knowing very well that you can’t be on a F1 podium [only except if 17 cars crash out of a race] and no decent contructor is ready to employ you. Hey and guess what !! You are no longer one of the directors of GPDA !! You resigned .. remember !!

And given your “flying” singing career, you definately are better off flying [hopefully] at NASCAR.

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