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Kimi RaikkonenAs reported on DailyF1News

“I don’t care about that really,” ‘ESPN’ quoted the 26-year-old as saying. “It is nothing to do with me, so why should I waste my time thinking about it? It goes like this in F1. People go sometimes. It is quite normal. It can change very quickly here.”

He insisted: “It is hard to say what is the best and the worst (moments). We had some good times and some bad times. That is racing. But that is now past and I don’t need to worry about it or even think about it.”

Exactly my point !! Why the heck are we still running around the whole “JPM’s Move to NASCAR” Saga ?? He quit F1 and joined NASCAR, that the end of it !!!

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Ron DennisAs reported on

“Juan Pablo is fully contracted to the end of the year and if we so choose he will test and race again, that is our option and no one else’s,” said McLaren boss Ron Dennis .

“I felt if he was focused on having the best end of season, I thought it would be easier for me to take the decision to keep him in the team, and better for him to get a better offer, so common objective was to get the best out of the season,” he explained.

“Obviously that objective somewhat changed when he decided that in 2007 he was going to race in NASCAR so the objectives became different. The appropriate action was for him to cool off and think about his situation until we have a common objective for the remaining races.”

JPM followers must be quiet excited to hear this. But, even if he did came back, will he have the motivation & willingness to win/complete the race ? When Ron Dennis is himself saying that his objectives has changed, then why keep this usless option open ? Obviously they already have promising drivers [lie De la Rosa & Hamilton] who can aptly takes JPM place in the team.

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Pedro De La RosaAs reported on reuters

“Team McLaren Mercedes and Juan Pablo Montoya have mutually agreed for him to step down in the forthcoming races of this year’s Formula One World Championship,” McLaren said in a statement. “The team has decided that Pedro de la Rosa will join Kimi Raikkonen in the race driver line-up.”

Goodbye JPM! We will definately miss your let-me-try-to-fly-over-that-car driving. We will also miss to see you taking out 8 other F1 cars in one shot [no comments about NASCAR though].

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Juan Pablo Montoya.pngAs reported on

McLaren have denied reports that they intend dropping Juan Pablo Montoya for his part in the multi-car pile-up at the start of the United States Grand Prix.

“No,” McLaren COE Martin Whitmarsh responded when asked by Autosport if they were planning on axing Montoya.

Okay, so McLaren will keep Montoya and they have already signed Alonso, so Kimi would definately not be racing with them next season ?? Or is it that they won’t dump Montoya because of Indianapolis debacle, but can dump him for some other reason [they do have a lot to choose from]?

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As reported on BBC

McLaren driver Kimi Raikkonen believes he can take his first victory of the season in Sunday’s US Grand Prix.

“At Montreal, we were able to show the step forward we have made with the MP4-21,” Kimi Raikkonen said. “And hopefully this week in America we will be able to challenge for the top step of the podium.”

And team-mate Juan Pablo Montoya shares Raikkonen’s optimism about the race at Indianapolis. “After my race in Canada, I cannot wait to get straight back on track this weekend, as the car felt really quick,” the Colombian said.

And why not ! The car definately showed good pace. If they are able to sort out other issues [the clutch problem and the silly mistake Kimi made], no doubts they can give a good fight to Renault & Ferrari.

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As reported on reuters

“From where we’ve been in the last few races, it’s shown that McLaren and Mercedes have stepped up their game quite a lot and we’re fighting them,” Montoya said of Sunday’s glamour race won convincingly by Renault’s Fernando Alonso.

“I think we’ve improved our pace, I think we’re closing up a little bit to Renault,” added the Colombian. “They’re still a little bit quicker than us on normal circuits but we’re definitely heading in the right direction.”

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Who will be on pole position in Monaco ?

The results are in, and there is a tie between Schumi & Kimi ! I am quiet a bit surprised, because I was expecting to see Alonso on top. And the second surprise is that no one voted for Montoya !!

What’s going to be the real outcome, will come to know in 2 days time 🙂

Have a nice weekend and enjoy the race.

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