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“I’m really looking forward to the new season, no question about it. The new car is coming out in the middle of January. Hopefully we won’t have to hold too much back at all, we can get into it and show what the car can really do here in the first race in Melbourne,” Mark Webber said. “I’m looking forward to it when we hit the ground running in January.”

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“Flavio was never keen for me to go to Williams and I know I made a costly mistake by not listening to him,” said Mark Webber. “He was very keen for me to go to Red Bull next season, so I wasn’t going to ignore his advice a second time

Reminiscing on his time at Williams, Webber told the Sydney Morning Herald: “I think it’s fairly safe to say I won’t be looking back with any fond memories. When I signed with the team, I was hoping to stay at Williams for a long, long time, but it wasn’t to be. Frank (Williams) will probably look back at me and think it wasn’t successful either.”

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In a 45-minute meeting at the Shanghai circuit on Friday evening, the GPDA went ahead with nominating the board that they wished to represent them for the next 12 months. It was agreed that Alonso, Webber and Ralf Schumacher will become directors, with the Toyota driver also becoming the new chairman to replace David Coulthard. The former directors of the GPDA were Coulthard, Michael Schumacher and Jarno Trulli.

It is understood that Schumacher’s stepping down from the GPDA, because of his imminent retirement, was a key factor in convincing Alonso to get involved.

One world champion giving way for another world champion ! That’s what bringing in new blood is all about. We hope that these guys will carry forward the good work others have been doing.

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Mark Webber has confirmed speculation that the drivers’ ‘GPDA’ union will require Michael Schumacher to explain his Rascasse moment to rivals at Silverstone this week.

”We will see what he wants to tell us as fellow professionals about why he stopped,” Williams’ 29-year-old Australian driver told the Sun newspaper in England

Veteran of 256 grands prix Riccardo Patrese, who once was the German’s teammate (1993), said: ”Who do they think they are, going to heavily against a seven time champion? People say F1 is in a crisis; of course it is, with people like these.’

I believe enough is enough ! Stretching an issue uselessly will only hamper the sport. Even if he made a mistake, he was punished appropriately, end of story. PERIOD.

And why is Webber bouncing so much ? Shouldn’t he be concentrating more, alongwith Williams, on sorting out their engine problems first & winning a race before pointing fingers at others.

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Ferrari does not particularly like F1’s ‘Friday’ car provision, but Ross Brawn thinks without them in 2006 the sport would be ‘genuinely embarrassed’.

Williams’ Australian driver said putting valuable miles on fragile engines, given the penalties for failures and some teams’ option of running a ‘Friday’ pilot, would be ‘senseless’.

Did someone said “Bringing down the costs in Formula 1” ?? Like the third round in Qualifiers, if this is not wasteage of fuel, then what is it ?

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