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Fernando AlonsoAlonso takes the pole position at Shanghai followed by Fisichella making Renault 1-2 at the start of the grid in a rain soaked Shanghai International Circuit. With Reubens Barrichello taking third grid position followed by Jenson Button making all Honda second row.

On 5 & 6 positions comes Kimi Raikkonen & Michael Schumacher followed by Pedro De La Rosa & Nick Heidfeld. Robert Kubica & Robert Doornbos completing the top 10.

Renault showed the awesome pace they have even in a wet weather conditions with Alonso being more than half-a-second quicker than Fisichella and nearly On-and-a-half second faster than Micheal Schumacher on a rather struggling Bridgestone wet weather tyres. With Massa finishing 13, he will be starting his race from the end of the grid with a fully fuel loaded car.

Tomorrow forecast is of a dry race, and everything is placed perfectly to make Chinese Grand Prix an exciting race.

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Robert KubicaAs reported on

While we have the likes of Fernando Alonso and Kimi Raikkonen to carry us through after Schumacher leaves, there is another name on everyone’s lips after Polish racer Robert Kubica finished the Italian Grand Prix third in his only third race.

Despite Kubica’s lack of experience, he did everything right in Italy while his more experienced rivals made mistakes including his teammate Nick Heidfeld, who out-accelerated Michael Schumacher at the start to take second place, but then, as they went into the first corner, he switched to the inside line where there was a lot less grip.

When compared to other rookie that start this year, Nico Rosberg, Robert Kubica definately looks the future of Formula 1.

For Kubica’s hold the advantage of a complete package [car, team & personal performance], compared to Nico Rosberg [taking nothing away from his personal performance] who, we think, got hampered by lack of progress at Williams. Also the hype created during Rosberg’s initial races did a little harm to him, compared to a very quiet launch of Kubica and he proved his credentials directly on the circuit.

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Kimi RaikkonenIt’s Kimi Raikkonen folks !! The Iceman will be starting from the pole position tomorrow and alongside him will be Michael Schumacher, followed by Nick Heidfeld driving a resurgent BMW-Sauber.

In summary, there were dramas galore, with 2 major tyres failure. First on happened during first qualifying run when Sakon Yamamoto’s Bridgestone gave away bring everything to a halt for 5 mins. The Marshals have to walk down the circuit to remove the tyre debris and the blowers were used to remove the aerodynamic pieces.

The second failure was of Alonso during the third qualifying run, when his right-rear tyre got puctured and he had to limped back to pitlane for change of tyres. As a result he ended at 5th position behind Felipe Massa in 4th.

So everything is set for making tomorrow’s race a nail-biting one !! For official timmings, visit the the Official Formula 1 Website.

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The F1 Blog

Question: When you are one of the best F1 drivers, how do you mess your chances of a podium-finish ?

A. When in hurry, take aerial route, even if that include jumping over other cars !
B. Pit crew leave a “nut” or two loose, in case the tyre reach the finish line before you !
C. Knowing your tyres are messed up, you try to fight with cars that are 5-6 seconds faster than your car !
D. You start from middle of the grid & run a smooth & trouble free race, waiting for others to choose one/all-of-the-above options !!

I really was hoping to see a wet-and-wild race weekend this calendar, given all the excitement that is associated with such race. And I couldn’t have asked for anything more. From sheer stupidity to sheer calmness, from aerial routes to tyre-wall kissing and not to forget the amazing “nut-effect” !!

Jenson ButtonTaking nothing away from Jenson Button, Pedro De la Rosa & Nick Heidfeld and the good drive all of them had. For the first time I felt that Jenson truly deserved the win, given his sensible and calm driving, good team works at pit stops & the performances by Michelin.

But for me, I’ll remember the weekend more because of stupidity of Michael Schumacher and the failure of Bridgestones Hard-Wet Weather tyres, also the Kimi Raikkonen’s aerial route escapade and Fernando Alonso’s “nut-effect”. Although Renault said that Alonso faced drive-shaft failure, but TV replay’s showed front & rear right-hand-side wheel nuts deciding to move away from the car.

And I have 3 weeks to get over it before the F1 bandwagon moves to Turkey, Istanbul.

Oh! and as for the multiple choice question, I’ll take option D anyday, like any sensible driver.

Off topic, I am still waiting for my new hardware I mentioned thanks to Heavy Rains [oh! the irony, it rained in Hungary & it in Mumbai]. Hoping to get it in a day or two whenever rains subsides. So the “special something” will now have to wait till next race weekend.

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As reported on

BMW Sauber driver, Nick Heidfeld has revealed that the Swiss based team will have a number of modifications on their car at the San Marino Grand Prix next weekend, the fourth round in the 2006 FIA Formula One World Championship.

“We’ll be lining up with a modified rear section and a new front wing [at Imola]. Indeed, we had already introduced new aerodynamic elements for the race in Australia and the improvement was noticeable straightaway. Our aim is to make aerodynamic modifications of varying degrees before each GP. We can expect many teams to arrive for the start of the European season with revised cars, which might well bring about another shift in the balance of power.”

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