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McLaren MercedesAs reported on homeofsport

Lewis Hamilton will not make his Formula One debut at the season ending Brazilian grand prix after McLaren confirmed on Friday that Pedro de la Rosa is to retain the seat. “I am looking forward to getting back on track and working with the team to finish the year on a high,” the 35-year-old Spaniard [Pedro de la Rosa] said.

Well, it’s not quiet what we heard earlier !!! But the good thing is Pedro is getting another opportunity to prove himself, given he has been performing reasonably well.

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Fernando AlonsoAlonso takes the pole position at Shanghai followed by Fisichella making Renault 1-2 at the start of the grid in a rain soaked Shanghai International Circuit. With Reubens Barrichello taking third grid position followed by Jenson Button making all Honda second row.

On 5 & 6 positions comes Kimi Raikkonen & Michael Schumacher followed by Pedro De La Rosa & Nick Heidfeld. Robert Kubica & Robert Doornbos completing the top 10.

Renault showed the awesome pace they have even in a wet weather conditions with Alonso being more than half-a-second quicker than Fisichella and nearly On-and-a-half second faster than Micheal Schumacher on a rather struggling Bridgestone wet weather tyres. With Massa finishing 13, he will be starting his race from the end of the grid with a fully fuel loaded car.

Tomorrow forecast is of a dry race, and everything is placed perfectly to make Chinese Grand Prix an exciting race.

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Pedro De La RosaAs reported on

Lewis Hamilton could make his formula one debut for McLaren at the upcoming Chinese grand prix, according to the current occupant of the seat. Spaniard Pedro de la Rosa told commercial television channel ‘Tele 5’ that he still has not been told whether he is going to be needed beyond this week’s test at Silverstone.

De la Rosa has been going good, but given the performance of Hamilton in recent testing, we won’t be surprised if Hamilton is given a chance to drive in Chinese Grand Prix.

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As reported on

McLaren Mercedes

Team McLaren-Mercedes will celebrate a milestone at the Turkish Grand Prix this coming weekend, as the event marks the 200th grand prix for the McLaren and the Mercedes-Benz partnership.

“This is already the 200th grand prix together with our partner McLaren since 1995 – a period which has truly passed at racing speed,” said Mercedes boss, Norbert Haug. “An anniversary like this is also an occasion to look back, although in all sporting competitions, the present and the future are obviously more important than the past.

McLaren CEO, Martin Whitmarsh meanwhile is also hopeful and reckons their form in Hungary is another good sign: “It was an excellent result for Pedro in Hungary at the last race [to finish second]. Both he and Kimi, with their respective strategies, were strong throughout the weekend and we hope that we can continue this pace into Turkey,” he added.

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The F1 Blog

Question: When you are one of the best F1 drivers, how do you mess your chances of a podium-finish ?

A. When in hurry, take aerial route, even if that include jumping over other cars !
B. Pit crew leave a “nut” or two loose, in case the tyre reach the finish line before you !
C. Knowing your tyres are messed up, you try to fight with cars that are 5-6 seconds faster than your car !
D. You start from middle of the grid & run a smooth & trouble free race, waiting for others to choose one/all-of-the-above options !!

I really was hoping to see a wet-and-wild race weekend this calendar, given all the excitement that is associated with such race. And I couldn’t have asked for anything more. From sheer stupidity to sheer calmness, from aerial routes to tyre-wall kissing and not to forget the amazing “nut-effect” !!

Jenson ButtonTaking nothing away from Jenson Button, Pedro De la Rosa & Nick Heidfeld and the good drive all of them had. For the first time I felt that Jenson truly deserved the win, given his sensible and calm driving, good team works at pit stops & the performances by Michelin.

But for me, I’ll remember the weekend more because of stupidity of Michael Schumacher and the failure of Bridgestones Hard-Wet Weather tyres, also the Kimi Raikkonen’s aerial route escapade and Fernando Alonso’s “nut-effect”. Although Renault said that Alonso faced drive-shaft failure, but TV replay’s showed front & rear right-hand-side wheel nuts deciding to move away from the car.

And I have 3 weeks to get over it before the F1 bandwagon moves to Turkey, Istanbul.

Oh! and as for the multiple choice question, I’ll take option D anyday, like any sensible driver.

Off topic, I am still waiting for my new hardware I mentioned thanks to Heavy Rains [oh! the irony, it rained in Hungary & it in Mumbai]. Hoping to get it in a day or two whenever rains subsides. So the “special something” will now have to wait till next race weekend.

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Ron DennisAs reported on

“Juan Pablo is fully contracted to the end of the year and if we so choose he will test and race again, that is our option and no one else’s,” said McLaren boss Ron Dennis .

“I felt if he was focused on having the best end of season, I thought it would be easier for me to take the decision to keep him in the team, and better for him to get a better offer, so common objective was to get the best out of the season,” he explained.

“Obviously that objective somewhat changed when he decided that in 2007 he was going to race in NASCAR so the objectives became different. The appropriate action was for him to cool off and think about his situation until we have a common objective for the remaining races.”

JPM followers must be quiet excited to hear this. But, even if he did came back, will he have the motivation & willingness to win/complete the race ? When Ron Dennis is himself saying that his objectives has changed, then why keep this usless option open ? Obviously they already have promising drivers [lie De la Rosa & Hamilton] who can aptly takes JPM place in the team.

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Pedro De La RosaAs reported on reuters

“Team McLaren Mercedes and Juan Pablo Montoya have mutually agreed for him to step down in the forthcoming races of this year’s Formula One World Championship,” McLaren said in a statement. “The team has decided that Pedro de la Rosa will join Kimi Raikkonen in the race driver line-up.”

Goodbye JPM! We will definately miss your let-me-try-to-fly-over-that-car driving. We will also miss to see you taking out 8 other F1 cars in one shot [no comments about NASCAR though].

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