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Rubens BarrichelloAs reported on

“Here we do too much PR and we think too little about driving,” Rubens told Autosprint magazine. “I’m fighting to change this situation. This year I’ve lost time, with the team, to get used to drive this Honda.”

Rubens lays a lot of blame at the teams door, explaining that the Brackley based squad were reluctant to change systems to meet the drivers needs, despite evidence that things were clearly wrong … Surprisingly, Rubens admits that he didn’t push hard enough for changes early on. “Besides, you know, you can’t just arrive in a new team and start beating your fists on the table to impose your will,” says the Brazilian. “Now that I’m more accustomed, I can do that.”

“In my opinion next year will be better,” added Barrichello. “We’ve yet to understand why sometimes we are in good shape and other times bad. If you don’t understand that you don’t know how and where to improve.”

And we are also looking forward to better results from Barrichello. We all know he has the potential to do it, and hope that Honda delivers it next season.

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FerrariAs reported on HomeofSport

As teammates Fernando Alonso and Giancarlo Fisichella tried to keep Michael Schumacher behind them on the Shanghai circuit last Sunday, they resorted to driving side-by-side down the straights in an apparently elaborate and dubious blocking technique.

Ferrari boss Jean Todt observed: “We have learned from what our rivals did. We now know what is allowed. It is up to you to judge if (the tactics) are usual or unusual. We are just taking it into consideration. We have demonstrated we are very tight and hard competitors to fight with as well, so it will be interesting.”

The irony !! It was not long ago when Ferrari was critcised for giving orders to Reubens to move over for Michael and vice-versa. Not things seems to have came back to haunt them and it hurst more because it is crunch time. But we hope that this issue does not turn too dirty which will obviously be bad for the sport.

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Fernando AlonsoAlonso takes the pole position at Shanghai followed by Fisichella making Renault 1-2 at the start of the grid in a rain soaked Shanghai International Circuit. With Reubens Barrichello taking third grid position followed by Jenson Button making all Honda second row.

On 5 & 6 positions comes Kimi Raikkonen & Michael Schumacher followed by Pedro De La Rosa & Nick Heidfeld. Robert Kubica & Robert Doornbos completing the top 10.

Renault showed the awesome pace they have even in a wet weather conditions with Alonso being more than half-a-second quicker than Fisichella and nearly On-and-a-half second faster than Micheal Schumacher on a rather struggling Bridgestone wet weather tyres. With Massa finishing 13, he will be starting his race from the end of the grid with a fully fuel loaded car.

Tomorrow forecast is of a dry race, and everything is placed perfectly to make Chinese Grand Prix an exciting race.

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Michael SchumacherAs reported on

“We worked well and I think we have high hopes,” Michael Schumacher said on his website. “I think we can win the title again but in my eyes I think it will be tight. You should not underestimate Renault and we will certainly not make that mistake. We will concentrate on our strengths, doing everything we can and we will give our full energy and commitment for the final three races. Then we will see what the outcome is.

“It is true that this race has not been best for me,” he explained. “But the first time we went there Rubens (Barrichello) won, which shows that our car should be okay. I assume that it will unfold better this year, and anyway I am looking forward very much to this fight in the last races. I am two-points in arrears (in the drivers’ championship) and that can be bridged.”

And we are looking forward to a very thrilling season-end.

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Honda F1As reported on FeedmeF1

Honda successfully honed the design during testing at Jerez last week, but due to the new two-race schedule commenced with older engines at Monza, both Jenson Button and Rubens Barrichello must now wait until the Japanese GP to change specification and avoid penalty. Japan ’06 is teams’ last chance to introduce new two-race engines before designs are homologated, or ‘frozen’, for 2007 and beyond.

Will They ? Won’t They ? Will They ? ……. and the wait continues !

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Rubens BarrichelloAs reported on

“The venue holds some pretty special memories for me as I won the very first Grand Prix there from pole position in 2004 which was a great weekend,” said Reubens Barrichello. “With three races left of the season, my aim is to put the car into a podium position and I believe that we can deliver the performance to achieve this.”

“The tests in Jerez have been very positive with developments on the aero and electronics packages, plus intensive evaluation of the tyres for Shanghai and the final races,” he added. “Importantly the car and engine were very reliable and we hope that this will enable us to continue the strong performance that we have shown over the last three races.”

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Jenson ButtonAs reported on

“Yet again we have had good reliability and it was very pleasing to see the two engines reach their target mileage,” Jenson Button added. “We have got a lot of positive results from the three days and completed our planned programme of aero and tyre work. We were the very last team to end our test programme with Michelin and a big thank you to them and our test team. I’m looking forward to getting out to China now and hopefully getting some good results in the final three races of the season,” he concluded

So are we happy Jenson. Looking forward to Shanghai and some good driving from you & Reubens.

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