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Farzad Bakhtiar [who maintains F1 Blog] was the lucky one to be present at this year’s Canadian GP [and this is the 20th Canadian GP he went to]. He posted his First-Hand Experience on his blog:

The race itself was pretty fun. I was surrounded by Americans who took every chance to poke some fun at Scott Speed. I’ve only ever seen the first corner of a race a few times in all the races I’ve attended. The action is frantic and it’s hard to take it all in as everyone is jumping out of their seat and pointing at the track. This time the front runners got away clean but everyone was cheering like mad when Kimi took the position away from Fisi. On the very next lap we saw Montoya and Rosberg come out of turn 14 side by side and drag down the front straight and into the Senna Curve still running side by side. The crowd let out a huge gasp when we saw the outcome of that battle on the big screen just past where were sitting.

So head over to his blog and read his experience. Also checkout the images & video’s he took.

Gilles Villenevue Circuit, Montreal

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Apologies – Comment Spams

Posted: July 3, 2006 by Neeraj in Editorials, Formula-One

After my ususal weekend-break from blogging, when I checked the blog there were 265 Spam Comments caught by Akismet [few even managed to sneak in as legit comments]. Since I didn’t had the patience or time for checking all the comments caught by Akismet, I delete all of them.

So in case your comment does not appear on the post you commented, I apologies for that. Feel free to post it back and I’ll definately have a look at them again [if they again get caught by Akismet].

NAPA Fanniversary

Posted: July 1, 2006 by Neeraj in Editorials, NAPA, Off-Topic

Since past few days I’ve put up a banner of NAPA Fanniversary. And since it starts from today [1st July], I thought I’ll write what it is all about and why I decided to put the banner here.

Basically NAPA Filters is celebrating its 40th Anniversary [hence the term NAPA FANNIVERSARY] and in the celebration they are giving away few prizes for next 40 days. The details of prizes and all is as follows [from their official press-release]:

Consumers who register online or in person can win:

  • 40 tickets in pairs of two for a race weekend at Homestead , FL
  • 40 prizes per day for 40 days with winners drawn from ALL entries (mail in and online registrations)
  • 40 weekly FANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION Backyard BBQ prize packages awarded every week for six weeks of the promotion
  • 1 instant winner per day selected from online registrations for the 40 days of the promotion
  • Daily and instant winners can win NAPA Filters 40 th Anniversary tumblers, caps, T-shirts and coolers. The Backyard Celebration BBQ prize package awarded to weekly winners includes NAPA Filters 40th Anniversary chef hat and apron, portable gas grill, 40th Anniversary branded BBQ utensils and $50 gift certificate from Omaha Steaks.

There are two ways to get into the drawings. Pick up entry blanks at participating NAPA Auto Parts stores and NAPA Car Care Centers , OR register online (limited to 30 daily online entries). When you stop by in person, you can also take advantage of special NAPA Filters rebates.

So why did I put it up here ? When my friend told me about it, I thought if someone gets little benefit out of it there is no harm in that. So click the banner on the right and head over.

Disclaimer: This is not a link-exchange program neither I am getting green-leaves for posting it [thought I wouldn’t have mind getting some, but that’s a different story]. It’s just for fun & some information.

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After a hectic weekend, and barely managing to reach home just in time to see the start of the race, things could not have been better.

And best of all, the fight between two legends, both on opposite end of age-spectrum. One could never see a better attack by any driver at San Marino to overtake, and neither the sheer grit of another driver to hold back. That’s what F1 racing is all about and that’s what we got the great privilege to see.

Race started pretty well until Yuji Ide thought he was racing in MotoGP and tried to squeeze his car in space good enough for a bike. As a result, Christijan Albers ended up upside-down in gravel spectacularly after somersaulting 3-4 times, which just reminded me of X-Games for few seconds. Thankfully he escaped unhurt. Click on image on left to see it in bigger resolution.

Good enough, things went on pretty cool until time came for first pit-stops. In comes Rubens Barrichello and Honda pit-crew comes out with flying feather, messing up big time with Right-side Rear-tyre, ruining any chances Reubens have of any pole position [which I sincerely doubt he had any].

Then came Button and Honda pit-crew came out with a gem of all. With fuel hose still in, the lollipop-man gave him green signal to get going, and then realizing his mistake, tried to stop him. As a result, Button not only got to nearly taste the new lollipop in the market, but also took the fuel hose with him, not forgetting about the 3 pit-crew members who were tasting the pit-lane tarmac. Click on image on right to see it in bigger resolution.

With all the drama going all over, the “Best Thing” was happening at the position 1 & 2. With Alonso trying to overtake Schumacher attacking him all the time but Schumacher was defending his position with rock-solid grit and determination. The tussle between Schumi & Alonso started once first pit-stops were made by both the drivers until the 3rd last lap, where Alonso made a mistake and ran a little wide. Most of the time, the time difference between Schumi & Alonso was .350 – .410 seconds, which went over 2 seconds due to this mistake, and rest is history.

Near the end of race, the temperature of disc-brake on Schumacher’s car was at 950° C, that’s 50° more than the usual !!

All in all, an amazing race weekend. Worth every penny that people must have paid to watch it from the stands. And worth every second that I watched it on TV, keeping on hold all my other commitments. After all, that what a true F1 race is all about.

All images courtesy The Official Formula 1 Website

For detailed results, please visit The Official Formula 1 Website

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I have been contemplating these “wild-thoughts” for quiet a few days now. And given the direction that events are going by, at least one of my “wild-thoughts” seems to be not so wild after all.

I was thinking on the lines of Kimi moving to Ferrari, then what would be the ideal scenario. If [and that is still a big IF], Kimi does move to Ferrari next season, then I didn’t see any sense in Schumi’s contract not getting renewed. Mainly because Ferrari would not miss a chance of racing both Kimi & Schumi wearing scarlet dress given the number of fans that are so very much interested in seeing that happen[I for one is hell-bent on it].

So if Kimi & Schumi does race together next year, what will happen to Massa ? Another wild thought of Ferrari racing second team. With Massa & Rossi at the helm. That again IF Rossi decides to move to F1, which I feel he will.

Now given the speculations of Schumi signs new two-year deal with Ferrari? and Raikkonen move to be confirmed this weekend? which again speculate his move to Ferrari next season, I think my first “wild-thought” is going in right direction. As for second “wild-thought”, well, it still is a wild-thought.

So what do you think ? Am I thinking in right direction or you have your own Kimi-Schumi Story?

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What an amazing qualifers for Nico Rosberg, his second F1 race and he’ll be starting from 3rd grid position behind Fisichella & Button.

Ferrari had engine problems in it’s hands since they changed the engine for Schumacher & Massa both. As a result, Schumacher would be starting from 14th grid position whereas Massa didn’t ran in second round, so he’ll be starting from the back-of-the-grid alongside Coulthard, who also have to change the engine since Red Bull is also using same Ferrari Engine and Ralf Schumacher, whose engine blew after he got provisional pole position at the end of 2nd round.

With Montoya, Räikkönen & Alonso taking 6th, 7th & 8th position respectively, it is said that they were running with heavy fuel load compared to other cars.

The most exciting moment came at the end of first round, when Michael Schumacher reached 16th position and was nearly knocked out at the end of first round.

The exact grid positions of the drivers will be available only tomorrow morning and I am quiet sure it is going to be very complicated given so many engine failures. All in all tomorrow is going to be another exciting F1 race.

For Qualifier Timmings visit The Official Formula 1 Website.

First qualifiers for 2006 and it couldn’t have been any better than this.

Ferrari came back with a bang with both cars positioned 1st [Schumacher] & 2nd [Massa] on the grid. Whereas Räikkönen’s problem just doesn’t seems to go away, with Rear-Suspension gave up and taking Rear-Wing with it in his warm-up lap itself, as a result qualifiers came to a halt for 5 mins to clear-up the debris. So he’ll be starting tomorrow from rear of the grid.

Button, on the other hand, proved how fast Honda is by winning 3rd place on the grid, followed by World Champion Alonso 4th on the grid, followed by Montoya in 5th place.

The qualifiers started looking quiet confusing. With new 15-15-20 format, the first victim to first 15 minutes was Ralf Schumacher when he got stuck in traffic during his flying lap as there were 14 cars running on the circuit.

Second 15 minutes also went very well. But once last 10 cars came out for final 20 minutes, it was pure F1 adrenaline rush from there, and that really showed what we missed so much last year in single-lap qualifiers.

So I am all set for equally amazing Race-Day tomorrow.

For Qualifier Timmings & tomorrow’s Grid Position visit The Official Formula 1 Website.


Kimi Räikkönen’s Rear Suspension & Wing failure. Image courtsey Simon’s Blog.

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