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RenaultAs reported on homeofsport

Renault boss Flavio Briatore confirmed this week that Fernando Alonso’s car will not be fitted in Brazil with the team’s latest specification of V8 engine. The French squad announced on Monday that the championship leader’s teammate, Giancarlo Fisichella, is to enjoy the new ‘e-spec’ engine, which is rumored to boast a one to two-tenth per lap advantage over its predecessor.

“We are going a bit safer with Fernando,” broadcaster RTL quoted Briatore as saying. Despite the more cautious preparation, though, the 56-year-old chief insisted that Alonso and the team have been instructed to win Sunday’s race in Sao Paulo. He said: “It’s like in soccer, if you go looking for a draw then you usually lose the match.”

Well, we tried to provide them a helping hand by letting them know the name of the most “Reliable” car around in India, didn’t we ? I only hope that they don’t take it too safe in one hand [Alonso] and too attacking on the other [Giancarlo]. Racing a new spec engine at the last race of the season where the title is still in a cliff-hanger situation sound just a bit too heroic. But we are sure Renault must be having full faith in their QC department.

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FerrariAs reported on

Ferrari have discovered that Schumacher’s blow-up was caused by a failure in the upper part of a valve – and is the first time this season that it has occurred. To add to the team’s frustrations, the part has been used for several races already.

“It’s the first time we had it, and it’s nothing to do with what happened to Felipe’s engine,” Ferrari spokesman Luca Colajanni said. “We’re still doing more analysis to understand why there was this failure, but it was nothing to do with the other one. That was in the same area, but it was a completely different thing. It was not a part that had been recently introduced, so this is why it’s strange. It happened in Suzuka, but it could have happened in Hockenheim. It’s the kind of thing that can always happen. It’s just a shame that it happened when it did.”

This generally happens when people does something after a long time … things tend to seem difficult 🙂

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RenaultAs reported on homeofsport

The Spanish press quoted both the 25-year-old racer and engine boss Denis Chevrier as confirming that much attention this week will be put into ensuring that Alonso wins the title by not retiring at the 2006 championship finale. Chevrier admitted: “It is obvious that our technical approach will not be the same as usual. We are not going to be looking for that final tenth.”

And Chevrier insisted: “Fernando is not going to give up a chance to win if he sees that it is possible. Nevertheless, his objectives in Brazil will be different.” The ‘AS’ newspaper joked that the French squad should consider installing a ‘diesel’ power plant in Alonso’s car.

Or they can take the engine from the ever reliable “Maruti Suzuki 800” from India, it goes on and on and on and on …….

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Fernando AlonsoFernando Alonso couldn’t have been happier, Felipe Massa couldn’t have looked more grin grim & Giancarlo Fisichella couldn’t have looked more tired a tearful Giancarlo Fisichella who came to know that he has lost a very dear friend. That are the top 3 finishers of Japanese Grand Prix at Suzuka. And Michael Schumacher was left with a blown engine after leading from Alonso for almost 2/3rd of the race.

With this win, Drivers Championship is almost sealed with Alonso, all he has to do is get just 1 more point at Interlagos. And even Renault scored very important 16 points in Constructor’s Championship, leading Ferrari from 7 points.

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Felipe MassaAS reported on autosport

Ferrari’s preparations for the Chinese Grand Prix have got off to a bad start with Felipe Massa needing to change his engine after suffering a problem in first practice. Massa felt something was wrong with his V8 power unit during the second practice session and, after analysis of the engine by the team, it was decided that it would need to be changed.

Despite the penalty, Massa felt that his best chance would be a top five finish – and he was well aware that it leaves teammate Schumacher having to fight Renault’s Fernando Alonso and Giancarlo Fisichella alone at the front.

This really bad news for Ferrari & Schumacher. Given the 2 points difference in both Constructor’s & Driver’s Championship, Felipe was to play a major role, and this will definately change their plans for the race. We are sure we are going to have a very exciting race weekend at Shanghai.

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RenaultAs reported on

“For China, we will be preparing and transporting two slightly different engine specifications, one of which is a small gain over Monza, and the other a larger gain,” said Renault’s engine guru Rob White. “Between now and Thursday, the dynos in Viry will be working day and night on track simulations. The data gathered will be analysed, to orientate our choice of engine for the race.”

“We have found the exact cause [of engine failure at Monza],” White added. “For obvious reasons of technical confidentiality, we do not wish to go into details, but it was a sudden failure in the bottom end of the engine. Our analysis of that engine, and our efforts to reproduce the failure, have allowed us to fully understand the problem.”

White has denied suggestions that the engine failed because Alonso had to push harder than usual. “No. Had Fernando been lying first or last, the engine would have failed at about the same point of the race. Fernando’s use of the engine was completely within a normal duty cycle throughout the weekend.”

Everything said, the last statement should put to rest the engine-blew-due-to-pushing-hard theory. These are the kind of *transparencey* we wrote about earlier. Had these words been said earlier, a lot of conspiracy theories would not had come up.

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Honda F1As reported on FeedmeF1

Honda successfully honed the design during testing at Jerez last week, but due to the new two-race schedule commenced with older engines at Monza, both Jenson Button and Rubens Barrichello must now wait until the Japanese GP to change specification and avoid penalty. Japan ’06 is teams’ last chance to introduce new two-race engines before designs are homologated, or ‘frozen’, for 2007 and beyond.

Will They ? Won’t They ? Will They ? ……. and the wait continues !

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