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BMW SauberAs reported on

The BMW Sauber F1 has announced that Markus Duesmann will join the team next year as ‘head of power-train F1’. Duesmann, who was apart of the Mercedes-Benz set-up in Brixworth, as head of F1 engine development, takes over the position from Heinz Paschen, who, according to a statement from the Swiss-based squad, will now leave the company by ‘mutual consent’.

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Jacques Villeneuve
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Canadian Jacques Villeneuve says he might quit Formula 1 this year and move to the US-based Nascar championship in 2007. It seems likely that Villeneuve will be dropped by BMW Sauber at the end of the 2006 season in favour of Polish test driver Robert Kubica……with no top teams apparently interested in him either……

Villeneuve said at the weekend: “Going to Nascar might not be such a bad career move because it’s the most exciting race series in the US and it’s a very different discipline to F1. I would not consider it a step down. Would I consider a move to stock cars? I would. But I would have to consider my family too as we would have to move to the US.”

That would be a perfect move for you JV! Knowing very well that you can’t be on a F1 podium [only except if 17 cars crash out of a race] and no decent contructor is ready to employ you. Hey and guess what !! You are no longer one of the directors of GPDA !! You resigned .. remember !!

And given your “flying” singing career, you definately are better off flying [hopefully] at NASCAR.

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Farzad Bakhtiar [who maintains F1 Blog] was the lucky one to be present at this year’s Canadian GP [and this is the 20th Canadian GP he went to]. He posted his First-Hand Experience on his blog:

The race itself was pretty fun. I was surrounded by Americans who took every chance to poke some fun at Scott Speed. I’ve only ever seen the first corner of a race a few times in all the races I’ve attended. The action is frantic and it’s hard to take it all in as everyone is jumping out of their seat and pointing at the track. This time the front runners got away clean but everyone was cheering like mad when Kimi took the position away from Fisi. On the very next lap we saw Montoya and Rosberg come out of turn 14 side by side and drag down the front straight and into the Senna Curve still running side by side. The crowd let out a huge gasp when we saw the outcome of that battle on the big screen just past where were sitting.

So head over to his blog and read his experience. Also checkout the images & video’s he took.

Gilles Villenevue Circuit, Montreal

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Christian HornerAs reported on HomeofSport

When asked about solid speculation linking Renault engines and test driver Heikki Kovalainen with the team next year, Red Bull principal Christian Horner told Speed TV: ‘We’re not going to train up drivers for other teams.’

Without further ado, then, current Ferrari racer Felipe Massa’s name dropped into the hat. ‘He’s a talented kid,’ said Horner, ‘and another driver that depends on the whole Kimi-Michael scenario.’

More fuel for the speculation-jets ? No, this time I am not going to write “what this move could potentially mean” saga. But if you have any thoughts, go ahead and post them here.

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As reported on

“We’ve said out sorries and I don’t see why the American fans deserve more apologies than some other races which have not been particularly good,” Coulthard told British journalists at Indianapolis. “It was an unfortunate situation but those who bought tickets have had their money back and we’ll just go and do the best we can. If the Americans enjoy it, great, if they don’t then so be it,”.

Ho Ho Ho !! Strong words from a man who felt ‘disgusted’ to be connected to Formula 1 last year at same place !! Change of hearts some ??

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Super AguriAs reported on Reuters

The debut had been planned for the July 16 French Grand Prix, the 11th round of the 18-race season, but the team said events had delayed that to the following race weekend at Hockenheim on July 28-30.

Super Aguri said the first delay was due to a decision on the specification of gearbox to be used, with another hitch caused by a technical problem at the wind tunnel in May that halted all model testing for five days.

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Bridgestone TyresAs reported on

Bridgestone have said that the fans deserve a good race at Indianapolis this year – a subtle dig at their rivals, Michelin, who messed up big time in 2005 and reduced the event to a six-car farce.

“Coming to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway is always a special event for Bridgestone,” Bridgestone’s director of motorsport, Hiroshi Yasukawa stated. “Through our Firestone brand we have a wonderful connection with this circuit and its racing heritage. The fans this year deserve to see a thrilling and highly competitive grand prix and I know our technical staff have been working closely with our teams to make sure we give them a great race.”

As for the banked section that caused so much trouble in 2005, Suganuma explained that a number of factors have to be considered: “Turn 13 in particular submits the tyres to very high loads and high lateral forces,” he noted. “The drivers are on full throttle through this section so the tyres must be strong enough to cope with both these directional forces.”

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