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Bernie EcclestoneAs reported on homeofsport

Referring to Ferrari, which is yet to announce officially that its technical director is planning a ‘sabbatical’ or retirement, he said: “It will be a different team without Michael Schumacher and Ross Brawn.”

Ecclestone also may have spoiled Ron Dennis’ schedule for the announcement of a teammate for 2007 McLaren driver Fernando Alonso, by saying: “Lewis Hamilton will not have a race drive (but) if it was my decision, I’d be prepared to take the risk.”

That’s good ‘ol Bernie at his usual self, letting the cat-out-of-the-bag before others could. Hamilton’s will-race-won’t-race saga will come to an end once McLaren announce their second driver. As for Brawn’s sabbatical, we believe it possible that Kimi might be bringing in someone with him, so giving Brawn a break [just one of our theories]. But yes, no Brawn & no Schumi, does leaves Ferrari a little out-of-sorts.

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Michael SchumacherAs reported on

The reason why Bernie Ecclestone and other members of the Formula One establishment keep saying they don’t think Michael Schumacher is really serious about retiring is because if Michael goes, they know the World Championship Grand Prix circuit will just about be devoid of star power.

It is one interesting article !! We know a lot has been said about effect [good or bad] of Michael Schumacher’s retirement from the sports. And before we tell what we think about it, we wish to know what you all think ! Go ahead, have your say, we are waiting keenly.

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Ron DennisAs reported on M&C Sport

Lewis Hamilton, the highly-rated young British driver, could be set to make his competitive bow in Formula One after his McLaren team revealed they were considering handing him a race seat for the season’s final grand prix in Brazil.

“Whether anything comes out of that to change our current thinking about the Brazilian GP, time will tell,” Ron Dennis told the Independent. “We are not viewing that test as an evaluation of his driving ability. It’s a chance for him to gain more mileage at a different type of circuit and for us to learn things that are important with regard to doing an event.”

Better sooner than later, and since the Bernie-the Supremo has spoken in support of Hamilton, it’s only time before he gets the F1 seat.

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Bernie EcclestoneAs reported on homeofsport

F1 supremo Bernie Ecclestone has joined Sir Frank Williams in urging McLaren to sign Lewis Hamilton to be Fernando Alonso’s teammate next year. “We need more fresh faces, Ron Dennis really should sign him up.”

Now that the Supremo has spoken, I’ll say there is good chances of Hamilton driving for McLaren next year.

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The F1 BlogWe have been very keenly following the comments on two posts, Alonso’s keen to spoil Schu’s retirement party and Poll: In Monaco qualifying, did Schumi stopped deliberately ?. And there are allegations and cross-allegations flying every where.

The point that we saw in all the controversies was that there was no details available from FIA or any of the teams/drivers involved. Yes, we know that this has been the case for a long while now, but given the current storm the sport is facing, everything should be much more transparent.

If we take the Monaco incident, All Ferrari said was that they provided the telemetry data to FIA to go though & they tried to clear the doubts but stewards never listened. FIA on their part slapped the penalty. And all that remained after that were the unanswered question. What did the telemetry data showed that prompted FIA to slap the penalty ? What was Ferrari trying to tell the stewards ? Fast forward to Monza, and the same questions again crop up and again no answers were provided by FIA, except the stupid rule being changed.

But there was much more hue-and-cry this time because, first, Fernando Alonso is trying to retain his championship in a car that suddenly seems slower than Ferrari’s & McLaren’s and secondly because unlike Jean Todt & Michael Schumacher, Flavio Briatore & Fernando Alonso decided to be much more vocal about it [and in this process questioning the Formula-1 in itself, which even we believe was totally uncalled for].

The other problem has been that the people [FIA] who should be giving answers to the questions are the one who try to create more instability. Bernie Ecclestone & Max Mosely does not seems to be on the same page anymore, most of the time both are giving contradictory statements, if Max comes out in support of something, you can be sure Bernie will oppose it [most of the time].

The solution [again as we see it] is in fact very simple. First, make Formula-1 more transparent and provide complete data in support of the decisions that are taken. Second, all teams & drivers should be asked to issue a informal statement regarding the decision. Third [and most important], ask Bernie & Mad Max to think before they issue a statement, they are doing more harm than good to the sports, or take a step forward and ask both of them to retire and let young blood take Formula-1 to new heights.

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Fans say new rules have improved F1

Posted: September 26, 2006 by Neeraj in FIA, Formula-One, Polls, Qualifiers, Survey, Tyres

As reported on

Formula One fans think the sport is more exciting this year thanks to the return of tyre changes and the revised qualifying format. That is the result of the latest FIA/AMD Formula One Survey, which was published this morning. The survey was completed by 91,000 fans from 180 countries

An overwhelming 88 percent believed that more emphasis should be put on driver skill and less on driver aids, although interestingly 91 percent believed the sport should be an important showcase for technology.

However, only 28 percent of fans thought technology was the most exciting element of F1.

Aah! The changes in qualifying & tyre rule changes indeed brought some excitement compared to last year. And the *human* element missing is what many people has been shouting from quiet a long time now.

But it is the last quote that somewhat caught us by surprise. We feel this somehow puts a big question mark on the whole “Pinnacle of Motor Sports” theory !!

For complete results please visit Official FIA Site

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South Korea to host GP in 2010

Posted: September 23, 2006 by Neeraj in circuits, FIA, Formula-One

As reported on

South Korea has reached an agreement with Formula One Management to host a Grand Prix from 2010, can reveal. The Korea Auto Valley Operation (KAVO) – a joint-venture between the Jeollanam-do province government and official F1 promoter company M-Bridge Holdings – will hold the signing ceremony in ten days in Seoul.

That’s good & bad. Good because we get to see races in new places, new circuit. Bad, because obviously one of the old circuits will definitely get bumped off.

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