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The F1 BlogWe have been very keenly following the comments on two posts, Alonso’s keen to spoil Schu’s retirement party and Poll: In Monaco qualifying, did Schumi stopped deliberately ?. And there are allegations and cross-allegations flying every where.

The point that we saw in all the controversies was that there was no details available from FIA or any of the teams/drivers involved. Yes, we know that this has been the case for a long while now, but given the current storm the sport is facing, everything should be much more transparent.

If we take the Monaco incident, All Ferrari said was that they provided the telemetry data to FIA to go though & they tried to clear the doubts but stewards never listened. FIA on their part slapped the penalty. And all that remained after that were the unanswered question. What did the telemetry data showed that prompted FIA to slap the penalty ? What was Ferrari trying to tell the stewards ? Fast forward to Monza, and the same questions again crop up and again no answers were provided by FIA, except the stupid rule being changed.

But there was much more hue-and-cry this time because, first, Fernando Alonso is trying to retain his championship in a car that suddenly seems slower than Ferrari’s & McLaren’s and secondly because unlike Jean Todt & Michael Schumacher, Flavio Briatore & Fernando Alonso decided to be much more vocal about it [and in this process questioning the Formula-1 in itself, which even we believe was totally uncalled for].

The other problem has been that the people [FIA] who should be giving answers to the questions are the one who try to create more instability. Bernie Ecclestone & Max Mosely does not seems to be on the same page anymore, most of the time both are giving contradictory statements, if Max comes out in support of something, you can be sure Bernie will oppose it [most of the time].

The solution [again as we see it] is in fact very simple. First, make Formula-1 more transparent and provide complete data in support of the decisions that are taken. Second, all teams & drivers should be asked to issue a informal statement regarding the decision. Third [and most important], ask Bernie & Mad Max to think before they issue a statement, they are doing more harm than good to the sports, or take a step forward and ask both of them to retire and let young blood take Formula-1 to new heights.

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Flavio BriatoreAs reported on

The FIA has decided that there is no need to take action against Flavio Briatore over the controversial comments he made after the Italian Grand Prix, has learned that following a statement issued by Briatore claiming that his comments had been said as a joke, and then an interview he did the week after Monza to express his full faith in the governance of the sport, the matter has now had a line drawn underneath it.

“Both let their emotions get to them,” said FIA President Max Mosley. “In the heat of the moment they said some impulsive stuff. Considering the circumstances, sometimes you need to be tolerant.” He said: “I think on some occasions Flavio spoke in an over-excited manner. But, to be fair with him, he subsequently and promptly corrected his quotes.”

Very convenient. Say something really serious, then back-track from it saying it was “misinterpreted” and you are scott-free !

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As reported on

“If we are going to have a high-technology Formula One then the research should be devoted to areas which contribute something to society,” he said at Silverstone today.

He is proposing a system for 2009 which would convert wasted energy into a power boost, and for 2011 onwards wants engines restricted by the amount of fuel they use, rather than their size.

Mosley also challenged the teams to come up with a formula for restricting fuel use in exchange for a free rein on engine design, with an extension of his engine freeze threatened if no proposal is forthcoming.

“At the end of homologation period we would like a different engine formula, where the limit on power is not engine capacity but by the amount of energy consumed,” he added.

Okay!! Here he goes again. For the first time, I see some sense in his engine-freeze proposal, would be looking forward for more details to come in before I take my finals stand on it. As for introduction of power-boost in f1, I am all game for it.

But going by his plans, by 2011, Formula 1 will no more be known as “ground for cutting-edge technology”, it would be rather known as “ground for road technology”.

And with that, wishing you all a happy race weekend !

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As reported on

Max Mosley has refuted claims that Michael Schumacher’s blunder in qualifying in Monaco has tarnished Formula One’s image.

“I think this is all part of the sport,” he told the Motorsport News. “This no more hurts F1 than a foul in a penalty area in football. These things happen and it’s part of sport.”

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A new quarrel with the FIA

Posted: May 16, 2006 by Neeraj in External, FIA, Formula-One, Max Mosely

As reported on HomeofSports

The FIA’s Max Mosley has now rejected a majority vote of the new Sporting Working Group, in Barcelona last week, to scrap plans for an engine development ‘freeze’ in 2008.

Mosley, meanwhile, sent a fax to teams on Monday clarifying that their vote against the ‘freeze’ would not be accepted because it is not a cost-neutral amendment.

He argued that teams lodged entry forms to compete beyond 2007 after the FIA published regulations that featured the multi-year ‘freeze’, indicating that the rule had been accepted.

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Safety bar to F1 expansion

Posted: April 28, 2006 by Neeraj in External, FIA, Max Mosely, News

As reported on

“The problem is that we limited it to 12 for reasons of safety and so there would have to be changes to the pits, changes to the garages, changes to some of the circuits to have more than 12,” Max Mosely said. “But if all the organisers and promoters want to make the investment, there’s no fundamental reason why it shouldn’t be done.

“I would like to see that. I would like to see the possibility of the last two dropping out and two new teams coming in, at least the possibility of that. But again, that needs thought and discussion,” Mosely said.

“The ideal, I reckon, is what we had some years ago which is 30 people went out to qualify and 26 got to start. Or 30 qualify and 24 start.”

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Toyota Could Quit

Posted: April 10, 2006 by Neeraj in External, FIA, Max Mosely, News, Teams, Toyota

As reported on

John Howett, Toyota’s team principle, has warned the FIA that Toyota could be withdrawing from F1 in the future should they feel they, as a manufacturer team, are no longer wanted.

“Are we welcome or not? If we’re really not welcome it should be made clear. The FIA has to understand that we are being asked to commit to F1 until the end of 2012 without giving any indication of whether we’re wanted.”

The Toyota boss says, ideally, the team would love to stay in F1 but that it will have to reconcider doing that if Formula One is heading in a different direction to that of the company.

So, everything is not as calm as it seems !!!

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