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Michael SchumacherAs reported on AGI-online

Michael Schumacher is to make the announcement of his retirement from competition at the end of the season when his contract with Ferrari expires, following the Italian Gran Prix on Sunday, reports German newspaper ‘Bild’ today.

His manager, Willi Weber, did not want to make any comment on the news reported by the newspaper. “I would ask everyone to try to understand that I don’t want to discuss this matter before Sunday”.

Do you believe this news, Or is it just another roumer ?? The clock is really ticking now.

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As reported on

McLaren-Mercedes star Kimi Raikkonen has allegedly been offered a three-year contract by Renault worth 50 million Euros. According to reports by, Renault boss, Flavio Briatore is eager for the Finn to join the regie in 2007, when Fernando Alonso will leave and go in the opposite direction.

…it is thought that Briatore is keen to sign the ‘ice-man’ and reckons he will be the perfect replacement for Alonso, who has consistently outperformed Fisi both this season and last.

while it is thought that Ferrari could offer Raikkonen a similar pay-packet, if Michael Schumacher opts to continue to race, the Finn may be surplus to requirements. Indeed, Schumacher is used to having the undisputed attention of the team and may continue to demand ‘number one’ status.

Things are really hotting up with regards to Kimi with all sorts of news coming from all quarters. And since Kimi has decided to keep quiet, it is only adding more fuel to such “Grapevines”.

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As reported on

Although it was thought that Prodrive had secured the final slot to enter the sport when the new Concorde Agreement comes into operation in two years time, it now appears that might not be the case.

Indeed has learned that the project being headed up by former F1 racer, Jean Alesi and backed by Japanese luxury good company Direxiv, may be in the frame to get the nod this Friday, when the FIA, the sport’s governing body, is due to confirm which team will join the current established eleven in the sport.

A number of the other entries have already been turned down, including Paul Stoddart’s bid to re-enter the sport with Minardi, despite having sold out to Red Bull only at the end of last season.

Well, the roumer mills are working overtime regarding the 12th team. Come friday, the real name will be revealed.

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As reported on reuters

Formula One’s governing body has chosen a 12th team to enter the sport in 2008 with the Prodrive company run by former BAR and Benetton boss David Richards tipped as likely winners.

Richards, contacted by Reuters on Friday, would not confirm or deny increasing speculation that he had secured the slot. “We have heard rumours of letters flying around but we have been told that the formal announcement will come next Friday and we await that with bated breath,” he said.

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Juan Pablo Montoya.pngAs reported on

Colombian newspaper ‘El Tiempo’ reported that the 30-year-old McLaren driver, who is likely to leave Ron Dennis’ Woking based squad after a two-year deal, is high on the list of potential replacements for racer Christian Klien.

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I have been contemplating these “wild-thoughts” for quiet a few days now. And given the direction that events are going by, at least one of my “wild-thoughts” seems to be not so wild after all.

I was thinking on the lines of Kimi moving to Ferrari, then what would be the ideal scenario. If [and that is still a big IF], Kimi does move to Ferrari next season, then I didn’t see any sense in Schumi’s contract not getting renewed. Mainly because Ferrari would not miss a chance of racing both Kimi & Schumi wearing scarlet dress given the number of fans that are so very much interested in seeing that happen[I for one is hell-bent on it].

So if Kimi & Schumi does race together next year, what will happen to Massa ? Another wild thought of Ferrari racing second team. With Massa & Rossi at the helm. That again IF Rossi decides to move to F1, which I feel he will.

Now given the speculations of Schumi signs new two-year deal with Ferrari? and Raikkonen move to be confirmed this weekend? which again speculate his move to Ferrari next season, I think my first “wild-thought” is going in right direction. As for second “wild-thought”, well, it still is a wild-thought.

So what do you think ? Am I thinking in right direction or you have your own Kimi-Schumi Story?

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As reported on

While many believe the Finn’s deal with the Scuderia to have been effectively completed as long ago as the middle of last season, neither Ferrari or Raikkonen have given the slightest hint that they would be joining forces in 2007 and, with the uncertainty surrounding Schumacher’s destiny, few have been able to make accurate predictions as to when and where any confirmation would come.

News sources in his homeland have made much of Raikkonen’s move to Ferrari, with some quarters quoting insiders claiming that the deal has been done for some time and that it is only a matter of time before an announcement is forthcoming. What is generally accepted is that the Finn has signed a letter of intent to make the switch from McLaren, although, as Jenson Button has shown, deals on paper can be made unenforceable. Given Ferrari’s indifferent form this year, there could always be doubt in Raikkonen’s mind…

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