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Bridgestone have said that the fans deserve a good race at Indianapolis this year – a subtle dig at their rivals, Michelin, who messed up big time in 2005 and reduced the event to a six-car farce.

“Coming to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway is always a special event for Bridgestone,” Bridgestone’s director of motorsport, Hiroshi Yasukawa stated. “Through our Firestone brand we have a wonderful connection with this circuit and its racing heritage. The fans this year deserve to see a thrilling and highly competitive grand prix and I know our technical staff have been working closely with our teams to make sure we give them a great race.”

As for the banked section that caused so much trouble in 2005, Suganuma explained that a number of factors have to be considered: “Turn 13 in particular submits the tyres to very high loads and high lateral forces,” he noted. “The drivers are on full throttle through this section so the tyres must be strong enough to cope with both these directional forces.”

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