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Martin Whitmarsh, McLaren’s F1 CEO, admits F1 will face a period of adjustment once the German has departed, he does whole heartedly believe F1 will survive in its post-Schumi era. “Inevitably, (Schumi) has a following, particularly in Germany – but on the other hand, as one door closes another opens,” he told Autosport.

“I think that with Nico (Rosberg), Lewis (Hamilton), Gary (Paffett), Heikki (Kovalainen) and (Nelson) Piquet (Jr), we’ve got an interesting rush of new blood, and I am sure those guys will be exciting to see as they develop.

Interestingly he forgot to mention Robert Kubica, the rookie who reached the podium in his third race. But then, that is not we are talking about.

We are talking about Michael Schumacher and Formula 1 next season. No doubts a lot has already been written about it and we don’t want to be repetitive. So we’ll say it once and for all.

The sports will go ahead, undoubtedly, even without Michael Schumacher, but it is going to take at least 2-3 races next season for the reality to sink-in. That’s our take on the subject, feel free to write yours.

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Team McLaren-Mercedes will celebrate a milestone at the Turkish Grand Prix this coming weekend, as the event marks the 200th grand prix for the McLaren and the Mercedes-Benz partnership.

“This is already the 200th grand prix together with our partner McLaren since 1995 – a period which has truly passed at racing speed,” said Mercedes boss, Norbert Haug. “An anniversary like this is also an occasion to look back, although in all sporting competitions, the present and the future are obviously more important than the past.

McLaren CEO, Martin Whitmarsh meanwhile is also hopeful and reckons their form in Hungary is another good sign: “It was an excellent result for Pedro in Hungary at the last race [to finish second]. Both he and Kimi, with their respective strategies, were strong throughout the weekend and we hope that we can continue this pace into Turkey,” he added.

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McLaren have denied reports that they intend dropping Juan Pablo Montoya for his part in the multi-car pile-up at the start of the United States Grand Prix.

“No,” McLaren COE Martin Whitmarsh responded when asked by Autosport if they were planning on axing Montoya.

Okay, so McLaren will keep Montoya and they have already signed Alonso, so Kimi would definately not be racing with them next season ?? Or is it that they won’t dump Montoya because of Indianapolis debacle, but can dump him for some other reason [they do have a lot to choose from]?

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“We completed a productive three day test at Paul Ricard last week with Kimi [Raikkonen], Pedro [de la Rosa] and Gary [Paffett] completing over 2,600km between them,” McLaren-Mercedes CEO, Martin Whitmarsh noted. “The test has been a focus of our intensive programme of testing and development, as we still need to find performance in the MP4-21, and there is a lot of determination within the team to bring this to the track.

“With the front row grid slot and podium at Silverstone, we are moving in the right direction but there is more work that needs to be done to catch up with our prime competitors.”

“We all have to work hard to become as competitive as we have been last year; five podium finishes in eight races do not reflect what this team is capable of and what we had planned. These improvements cannot be achieved overnight; however we will achieve them within a manageable period,” Mercedes boss, Norbert Haug pledged.

Even the snails move in right direction [albeit slow], therefore just moving in right direction is not enough, they have to move pretty fast. And with nearly half races in the season completed, I don’t know what’s the definition of “manageable period” as for them.

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McLaren boss Martin Whitmarsh said: “I think he’s a better driver now compared to when we signed him (in December). We are very happy with the progress he has made. Fernando’s consistency is astounding and he has grown in stature.”

“He was never one for making a lot of mistakes, but his performance this year has been quite incredible. It may not feel pleasant now but we are hoping it will feel pleasant this time next year.”

Counting the chickens before they hatch ?? I agree that Alonso is in terrific form this year, but that is equally attributed to the fact that Renault is able to maintain the high standards in their car development. But same thing can’t be said for McLaren-Mercedes given their recent past.

Before Alonso could start winning some races for McLaren next year, it is more important that McLaren get their car development upto the same standards in place first.

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