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Rossi turns his back on F1

Posted: May 24, 2006 by Neeraj in External, Ferrari, Formula-One, News, Teams

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"No Formula 1, at least for the moment. I will stay with motorcycles," he said in a statement. "I will carry on racing in MotoGP for a while yet."

“I feel that my work on motorcycles is not finished yet,” he said. “I still have much motivation and I will continue in Moto GP for a while yet. I hope Ferrari reach their objectives, which are same as mine: to win the world title.”

Well. What can I say. This puts an end to all the speculations, atleast for next few months.

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"When Jordan was for sale it was Shnaider who was the only one putting the money on the table to save the team," Ecclestone told Autosprint. "If it wasn't for his intervention, the team would have folded and there would have been only 18 cars in 2005. He represents a serious group and an important economy such as the Russian one."

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Renault team boss Flavio Briatore fears Michelin’s departure from Formula One at the end of the year could give Ferrari an advantage in 2007 unless the governing body steps in.

“I believe we need to be worried about that, absolutely,” he told reporters in Spain at the weekend when asked whether he was concerned about the situation.

“If we are all on Bridgestone next year, then if you use them already surely you have an advantage.”

Briatore said the FIA must ensure the tyres Bridgestone produced for all next year were unlike anything they had previously provided to their existing teams.

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World champion Fernando Alonso collected a $2,000 fine on Friday for exceeding the pit lane speed limit in the first free practice session for his home Spanish Grand Prix.

But that was about the only excitement the Renault driver could offer the crowd chanting his name at the Circuit de Catalunya.

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British Formula One driver Jenson Button is hoping that an improved Honda engine will kick-start his season at this weekend’s Spanish Grand Prix.

Honda’s sporting director Gil de Ferran is also upbeat his team’s chances at Circuit de Catalunya on Sunday, adding: “We have the latest specification engine for both drivers. All of which makes us positive going into this weekend, despite our relative lack of pace in the last race.”

Hey !! Don’t they say “A car is only as faster as it’s driver” ?? Or is it just “The Button Effect” !!

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The decision comes as the Brackley based team prepare for the final commissioning of its new state of the art wind tunnel, with building work on the full scale tunnel nearly completed. As such Alperin-Bruvera will now lead the efforts of a ‘significantly’ expanded team of aerodynamicists, designers, technicians and model-makers, which work alongside a similar group at the Dome facility in Japan.

“Mariano Alperin-Bruvera has been part of this team since the beginning and a key player in its progress to date,” explained Honda’s technical director, Geoff Willis. “His new role will see him step up from head of one of our two aero development groups to a position of overall aerodynamic leadership. I have every confidence that in the position of chief aerodynamicist, Mariano will continue to play a pivotal role in our team’s pursuit of its championship ambitions.”

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The two technical director roles have been abolished, leaving engine boss Luca Marmorini and chassis boss Vasselon as senior general managers.

Despite his new title, Vasselon will take on many of Gascoyne’s responsibilities in chassis design, aerodynamics, race and test engineering and team management.

Toyota team president, John Howett, said teamwork was the key to success and the ultimate aim of winning the championship.

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