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“Ferrari will need to rebuild themselves,” Niki Lauda wrote in his column for German magazine Focus. “Question is, will they rebuild as well as they did with Michael, or will it be the same old Italian chaos? Kimi must be careful that, after Michael, everything won’t fall to pieces. It may happen, even more so because one thing is for sure: Raikkonen can drive fast, but he can’t do anything else, so Ferrari must give him a complete car.”

“Michael has managed to survive the press for 11 years with his private life,” Lauda wrote. “Raikkonen will have to be able to do that as well. Italy is fully behind Ferrari, emotionally. But if they don’t win, as it also happened to Schumacher, and if Kimi was found drunk, the effect would be ten times more negative than elsewhere.”

Michael SchumacherThis is the Million Dollar question ! Will Raikkonen be able to provide the same feedback/assistance in development of a car as much Michael does ? After all Michael it well known for the tremendous feedback he provides to the technical staff at Ferrari.

Some might say that it is not fair to compare Kimi with Michael as both are very different drivers, and we agree to that. But when it comes to development of the car you are going to race in, your feedbacks are considered much more valuable. And where we can swear by Michael’s ability to do the same, we don’t know that much about Kimi’s abilities.

Also as much we don’t like to comment on it, the private life of all well-known personalities does comes under microscope and their off-track exploits makes the same headlines as their on-track exploits.

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