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Fans say new rules have improved F1

Posted: September 26, 2006 by Neeraj in FIA, Formula-One, Polls, Qualifiers, Survey, Tyres

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Formula One fans think the sport is more exciting this year thanks to the return of tyre changes and the revised qualifying format. That is the result of the latest FIA/AMD Formula One Survey, which was published this morning. The survey was completed by 91,000 fans from 180 countries

An overwhelming 88 percent believed that more emphasis should be put on driver skill and less on driver aids, although interestingly 91 percent believed the sport should be an important showcase for technology.

However, only 28 percent of fans thought technology was the most exciting element of F1.

Aah! The changes in qualifying & tyre rule changes indeed brought some excitement compared to last year. And the *human* element missing is what many people has been shouting from quiet a long time now.

But it is the last quote that somewhat caught us by surprise. We feel this somehow puts a big question mark on the whole “Pinnacle of Motor Sports” theory !!

For complete results please visit Official FIA Site

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“If we are going to have a high-technology Formula One then the research should be devoted to areas which contribute something to society,” he said at Silverstone today.

He is proposing a system for 2009 which would convert wasted energy into a power boost, and for 2011 onwards wants engines restricted by the amount of fuel they use, rather than their size.

Mosley also challenged the teams to come up with a formula for restricting fuel use in exchange for a free rein on engine design, with an extension of his engine freeze threatened if no proposal is forthcoming.

“At the end of homologation period we would like a different engine formula, where the limit on power is not engine capacity but by the amount of energy consumed,” he added.

Okay!! Here he goes again. For the first time, I see some sense in his engine-freeze proposal, would be looking forward for more details to come in before I take my finals stand on it. As for introduction of power-boost in f1, I am all game for it.

But going by his plans, by 2011, Formula 1 will no more be known as “ground for cutting-edge technology”, it would be rather known as “ground for road technology”.

And with that, wishing you all a happy race weekend !

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Poll Results

And the results say the story.

Majority of votes[18 votes/40.91%] found Michael Schumacher guilty of the stopping deliberately in Monaco qualifiers, whereby 20.45% people [9 votes] stood with him, not ready to believe that he could do something like this.

25% of the people [11 votes] are of people like me, who saw & heard about everything that happened and believe that he “might” have stopped deliberately, but still are not 100% convinced. And rest 13.64% [6 votes] decided not to get their hands dirty!

I am not going to give a verdict here, since like most of you I don’t have seen the “evidence” which prompted the stewards to pronounce him guilty. In other words, I don’t believe myself to be capable enough to put in a final word from these stats point of view.

The results are in front of you, to make your own judgement. Feel free to have your say.

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Who will be on pole position in Monaco ?

The results are in, and there is a tie between Schumi & Kimi ! I am quiet a bit surprised, because I was expecting to see Alonso on top. And the second surprise is that no one voted for Montoya !!

What’s going to be the real outcome, will come to know in 2 days time 🙂

Have a nice weekend and enjoy the race.

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It’s poll time again. Head over to BlogF1 and choose your candidate for 2006 F1 Driver Championship. Yes, I have already casted my vote 🙂

image courtsey: British Council

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Poll: Who will triumph in 2006 ?

Posted: March 3, 2006 by Neeraj in External, General, Polls

Another poll happening at F1Fanatic News Blog for who is going to be the leader in 2006. The direct link to the poll is HERE. Go ahead, have your say and enjoy.

Image courtsey: British Council

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Poll: Where should Kimi Go ?

Posted: March 3, 2006 by Neeraj in External, General, Polls

There’s a poll going on at BlogF1 about where should Kimi go in 2007! I have casted my vote, go ahead and have your say.

image courtsey: British Council

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