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RenaultAs reported on

When asked if he could start the season again, which mistakes he would avoid, Renault engineering director Pat Symonds replied, “I would make sure we redesigned the wheel nut mechanism before Budapest, not afterwards! And I would not have changed Fernando’s front tyres in China.”

Atleast they won’t have a World Champion driving one of their cars next year, so they can just breath a little easy 🙂

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Felipe MassaAs reported on homeofsport

Spain’s Marca newspaper revealed that the 25-year-old Brazilian credits not changing his underpants for three days for aiding his home win at Interlagos earlier this month. “If my weekend begins well,” Massa confessed, “I use the same underpants on Saturday. If that is also a good day, I wear them on Sunday. “That is what I did in Brazil.”

Eew !! That’s one driver we would think twice before hugging after a race 🙂

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The opening race of the 2007 season will be titled the Formula One ING Australian Grand Prix after organisers announced a three-year naming rights partnership with the financial services company today. ING, which has also recently entered into a three-year deal with the Renault team, will be the principal sponsor for the March 15-18 event at Melbourne’s Albert Park circuit.

With Foster’s pulling out of Formula 1, this was expected.

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Where it as lead-from-start-to-finish race for Felipe Massa and cool and calm driving from Fernando Alonso, it was not the same from Michael Schumacher. What we saw of him yesterday, was Michael Schumacer at his best, driving a superior car and ready to lock his horns with any and every one.

Michael SchumacherThough our hearts sank when his left-rear tyre got punctured and had to make a unscheduled pitstop. But the drive after that, is something that most of people will remember for a long time to come. The best part was the message that Reubens Barrichello got from his Race Engineer, “Michael is behind you, race him”.

And Giancarlo Fisichella showed the kind of deep trouble Renualt is going to be in next season, after making mistake by braking too late and missing the 1st turn when Schumacher was on his tail second time.

Kimi Raikkonen, showed he can fight, even if the driver is from the team he will be joining next year. But Michael really was on fire and there was nothing that Kimi could do more to stop him. We know, if he have had even 2 more laps to go, he would have been breathing down Button’s neck.

On his part, Button had a very good race, starting from 14th in the grid to 3rd. Honda indeed managed to get together a very competitive car for him.

Fernando AlonsoBut the toasts of the day went to Massa for winning the Brazilian Grand Prix [first Brazilian since Ayrton Senna won in 1993] and to Fernando Alonso for retaining his title for consecutive years. And as he said, retaining the title when Michael Schumacher was around.

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Fernando AlonsoAs reported on

“For me the important thing is the Drivers’ championship, not only for me, for everybody,” Alonso said in Interlagos, Brazil. “We see all the publicity on the motorways, everywhere from China onwards. I think we only see Michael’s and Alonso’s face on the pictures. You don’t see the logo of Ferrari and Renault. I think the people remember which driver is the champion and which car he drove. I don’t think anyone remembers ten years ago who was the Constructors’ champion.”

Here is one fella who “likes” to speaks only truth, irrespective of how bitter it is ! Now only if Renault comes up with their side of bitter truth. But what he is saying is a fact, people generally remember the Driver who won the championship over th years and not the team.

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Michael SchumacherAs reported on homeofsport

“I would not have made the decision that I made if I had not thought about it properly,” the retiring Ferrari driver told journalists in Sao Paulo. “I do not think that I would be able to find enough energy to come back at this level. (F1) requires a lot of motivation and also devotion, and my battery is too empty for that.”

So much for the DTM offer from Audi. So it really is the dawn of Post-Michael-Schumacher-era after all.

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Michael SchumacherAs reported on homeofsport

I am not thinking about the driver title,” the 37-year-old Ferrari driver told reporters at Interlagos, “but for us we hope we can do it in the constructors’ championship.” Schumacher said: “If I could win that title with Ferrari in my last race, that would be a beautiful conclusion to my career. We will go on full attack and aim for a one-two. That is simply the most that we can do.”

Is he really telling the truth or trying some sorts of Mind-Games ? We believe it’s the truth. And the only person who can play a big part [in fact the only part] in handing Michael eighth title is Alsono [or Alonso’s pit-crew ?].

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