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Ferrari have discovered that Schumacher’s blow-up was caused by a failure in the upper part of a valve – and is the first time this season that it has occurred. To add to the team’s frustrations, the part has been used for several races already.

“It’s the first time we had it, and it’s nothing to do with what happened to Felipe’s engine,” Ferrari spokesman Luca Colajanni said. “We’re still doing more analysis to understand why there was this failure, but it was nothing to do with the other one. That was in the same area, but it was a completely different thing. It was not a part that had been recently introduced, so this is why it’s strange. It happened in Suzuka, but it could have happened in Hockenheim. It’s the kind of thing that can always happen. It’s just a shame that it happened when it did.”

This generally happens when people does something after a long time … things tend to seem difficult 🙂

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Renault’s hopes of stemming Ferrari’s advance in the title battle have been dealt a blow after an innovative design on their car was ruled illegal. The court of appeal of Formula One’s governing body, the FIA, said on Wednesday that the team’s “mass damper” contravened the sport’s rules.

The FIA views the “mass damper” – a counterweight mounted within the nose of the car – as a movable aerodynamic device, even though it never comes into contact with the airflow around the car.

“I really do not believe the FIA can win the appeal on the grounds they have said,” Renault engineering director Pat Symonds said before ruling, “but if they do then we really have to start to relook at the definition of what a racing car is – its suspension, everything. If the FIA choose to interpret in the particular manner they are doing now, then there are many, many other parts on the car open to interpretation.”

Will the ruling really hurt Renault that badly ? Given the performance of their car in Hockenheim it seems so. Will get to see the truth this weekend in Istanbul.

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Robert KubicaAs reported on CNN

BMW Sauber said the 21-year-old test driver had been promoted to the race seat after 1997 world champion Villeneuve told them he had not fully recovered from an accident at Hockenheim last weekend.

“I had prepared myself for a whole year without actually competing in any races so I’m even happier to get his opportunity,” he said. “I’m proud that BMW Sauber has such confidence in me. I’m determined not to let them down.” Robert Kubica said.

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Renault As reported on

while in the previous two races the tyre problems weren’t as severe due to Renault’s mass dampers, which are devised to regulate tyre performance in order to give better grip, at Hockenheim the team weren’t able to run with them and suffered the full effects of their blistering Michelin tyres.

“I think we know where the problem is. It can be rectified quite easily,” Renault’s Director of Engineering Pat Symonds told The Telegraph. “We’ve learnt so much already about what happened during the race in Germany that we can get back a long way.”

Not guilty unless proven so !!! And with their Mass Damper issue not set to resolve before next race weekend, it only make sense to use them. Whether that makes any difference is yet to be seen.

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Flavio BriatoreAs reported on HomeofSport

Flavio Briatore pointed the finger squarely at Renault’s tyre supplier after championship leader Fernando Alonso failed to finish higher than fifth at Hockenheim. For the third grand prix in succession, the French team was beaten by the Bridgestone-shod Ferrari package in Germany, following Renault principal Briatore’s earlier insistence that Michelin should ‘wake up’.

“Today everyone could see that we had blisters on the tyres,” Briatore told German television, after reportedly instructing mechanics to lay the damaged Michelins at the rear of the pits for all – including the media – to see. The Italian chief continued: “With a problem like that you can hardly drive the car. The Michelins must function, or you have nothing.”

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As reported on HomeofSport

This weekend’s German grand prix is likely to be the last at Hockenheim. Circuit spokesman Hartmut Tesseraux told ‘dpa’ on Monday that he ‘assumes’ the race is to drop off Bernie Ecclestone’s 2007 calendar.

With Spa Francorchamps to return and teams unwilling to travel to more than 18 venues each year, Germany – with two grands prix on the current schedule – along with Italy, is an obvious target for the cull. He added, however, that Hockenheim is still hopeful that Ecclestone could agree to a year-by-year alternation of the Formula One privilege with organisers of the Nurburgring event.

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RenaultAs reported on

Renault has claimed that their car is capable of showing more pace ahead of the introducing a revised package at the German Grand Prix in Hockenheim, after being comprehensively outpaced by Ferrari for the second race in a row.

“The C specification engine was introduced as a new family of engines, which gave us a baseline for then developing the V8 even further. Fernando will have a one-race old unit in Hockenheim, Giancarlo a brand new one, but both drivers will benefit from performance upgrades for the next race” said head of engine development Denis Chevrier.

That’s good news ! But when what were they waiting for ? Some auspicious time ? Or a kick-on-the-butt ?

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