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The International Automobile Federation (FIA) said in a statement that the unanimous agreement came at a meeting of the governing body, representatives of all the teams and manufacturers in Paris on Monday.

A 2007 calendar published by the FIA last month had just 17 rounds, after 18 this year and 19 in 2005, with Italy and Germany allocated just one race each and seemingly no room for a San Marino Grand Prix at Imola. Despite that, Ferrari’s home circuit had remained hopeful of a reprieve. Imola’s return to the calendar will nonetheless depend on the circuit making agreed renovations to the pits and paddock.

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Jenson Button is heading back to Honda Racing’s headquarters in Brackley, near Northampton, this morning [Monday] in a bid to boost the team’s morale with a motivational speech after his San Marino Grand Prix was ruined by botched pit stops.

“I will be going to the Honda factory on Monday and hopefully everyone will be there. We will have a little chat about how things are going so far this year. It will be a sort of motivational speech. I’m sure everyone needs it. Hopefully it will make a difference.”

“We have made mistakes but it’s not from being slack or not trying hard enough,” he said. “It’s just motivational really, so they know that I’m still very positive and giving everything and not going to sit back and think it doesn’t matter any more. They know that I’m still pushing, that’s why I’m going in to tell them that and make sure they feel the same way.”

Yes Jenson, Honda pit-crew does need a lot of “Pep Talk” after giving you a new “Lollipop” to taste.

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After a hectic weekend, and barely managing to reach home just in time to see the start of the race, things could not have been better.

And best of all, the fight between two legends, both on opposite end of age-spectrum. One could never see a better attack by any driver at San Marino to overtake, and neither the sheer grit of another driver to hold back. That’s what F1 racing is all about and that’s what we got the great privilege to see.

Race started pretty well until Yuji Ide thought he was racing in MotoGP and tried to squeeze his car in space good enough for a bike. As a result, Christijan Albers ended up upside-down in gravel spectacularly after somersaulting 3-4 times, which just reminded me of X-Games for few seconds. Thankfully he escaped unhurt. Click on image on left to see it in bigger resolution.

Good enough, things went on pretty cool until time came for first pit-stops. In comes Rubens Barrichello and Honda pit-crew comes out with flying feather, messing up big time with Right-side Rear-tyre, ruining any chances Reubens have of any pole position [which I sincerely doubt he had any].

Then came Button and Honda pit-crew came out with a gem of all. With fuel hose still in, the lollipop-man gave him green signal to get going, and then realizing his mistake, tried to stop him. As a result, Button not only got to nearly taste the new lollipop in the market, but also took the fuel hose with him, not forgetting about the 3 pit-crew members who were tasting the pit-lane tarmac. Click on image on right to see it in bigger resolution.

With all the drama going all over, the “Best Thing” was happening at the position 1 & 2. With Alonso trying to overtake Schumacher attacking him all the time but Schumacher was defending his position with rock-solid grit and determination. The tussle between Schumi & Alonso started once first pit-stops were made by both the drivers until the 3rd last lap, where Alonso made a mistake and ran a little wide. Most of the time, the time difference between Schumi & Alonso was .350 – .410 seconds, which went over 2 seconds due to this mistake, and rest is history.

Near the end of race, the temperature of disc-brake on Schumacher’s car was at 950° C, that’s 50° more than the usual !!

All in all, an amazing race weekend. Worth every penny that people must have paid to watch it from the stands. And worth every second that I watched it on TV, keeping on hold all my other commitments. After all, that what a true F1 race is all about.

All images courtesy The Official Formula 1 Website

For detailed results, please visit The Official Formula 1 Website

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Bridgestone TyresAs reported on

After a good start to the year which has seen both Schumacher brothers claim podiums for their respective teams (Scuderia Ferrari Marlboro and Panasonic Toyota Racing) and each of the WilliamsF1 drivers take all important points, the Bridgestone shod teams have been extremely busy over the past three weeks. All the teams, including the MF1 Racing and Super Aguri F1 teams, have been testing Bridgestone’s tyres and preparing their cars and any new upgrades ahead of this weekend’s 62-lap race.

Hiroshi Yasukawa, Director of Motorsport, said: “Bridgestone’s teams have had a solid start to the 2006 season and we are now expecting them to build on those results. We have already seen Bridgestone drivers on pole, on the podium and take the fastest lap of the race this season. This is a great start, especially with three new teams this year.”

Tyres for San Marino – 4.933km The 2006 tyre regulations permit each driver seven sets of dry tyres, four sets of wet weather tyres and three sets of extreme wet weather tyres. Combined with the increased number of teams running with Bridgestone in 2006, approximately 1,200 Bridgestone Potenza Formula One tyres have been sent from the Technical Centre in Kodaira City, Tokyo, to the Autodromo Enzo e Dino Ferrari.

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Imola’s top chicane modified

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The Variante Alta, which used to see cars fly across the high kerbs as drivers straight-lined the right-left ‘ess’, has been reprofiled, with the kerbs flattened but the corner radius tightened.

The tweaks are expected to reduce speeds at what was quite a fast, third-gear chicane, making it similar to the left-right Variante Bassa at the bottom of the hill.

After inspecting the circuit by foot on Thursday, most drivers gave the changes a provisional thumbs-up, reckoning the new layout safer than the old one.

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Giancarlo Fisichella As reported on BBC Sports

Renault’s Giancarlo Fisichella is hoping to maintain his good start to the season with a new, improved engine at this weekend’s San Marino GP.

“I’ve a fresh engine, and a bit more power from the new specification – that gives me a fantastic chance,” he said. “Renault has an edge at the moment, so we have to aim to win every race.”

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73% of the lap is spent at full throttle, which is among the highest values of the season. However, the longest period spent at full throttle is relatively short, which relieves the pressure on moving parts such as pistons; counter-balancing this, though, is the fact that the generally cool temperatures equate to high air density, meaning the engine develops more power and is under greater strain.

The average engine speed at this circuit is relatively high, but the main danger for the engine comes from potentially over-revving when the car is launched over the kerbs and the driven wheels lose contact with the ground.

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