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“Over recent weeks, we have been working very hard in a specific area: our tyres’ single-lap performance,” explained Michelin’s F1 director Nick Shorrock. “After Indianapolis, we noted that our cars were systematically 0.2 seconds slower in qualifying, which had particular consequences for Renault in terms of their ability to put their cars where they needed to, to make their strategies work.

“We were conscious of this problem, and worked through the summer to try and improve the situation. In Monza, we brought the widest range of tyres of the whole season, and they lived up to expectations.” Shorrock believes the qualifying gains are between 0.1 seconds and 0.3 seconds per lap – and that the improvement should be carried over to the final races of the season.

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Indianapolis Motor Speedway

Indianapolis officials and Bernie Ecclestone have penned a new one-year deal for a United States grand prix in 2007. The contract was signed on Wednesday for a race probably in mid-June, according to the Indianapolis Star newspaper, but the financial terms of the agreement were not known. Motor Speedway CEO Tony George explained that the deal is only for one race because a Formula One ‘Concorde Agreement’ for 2008 and beyond is still not signed.

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“Both championships are still up for grabs,” Ferrari’s Formula 1 team chief Jean Todt said after Schumacher won Sunday’s French GP here. “There are seven races remaining this season and, as we have always said, we will do all we can to meet our targets.”

Okay .. I take my words back that Indianapolis was a flash-in-the-pan from Ferrari. Given the French GP, Ferrari & Bridgestone has really taken a few steps ahead of Renault and undoubtly are looking strong. As for Schumacher, his chances of winning World Championships are more possible if Massa starts finishing above Alonso.

But all said, I think most of the people [including me] does downplayed Ferrari’s pace in Indianapolis & majorly miscalculated the pace of development they have put up [thus putting a very good use of $27M extra they have got]. Well, that’s what happens when even the Ferrari chief downplays his team chances himself [or was he trying to mislead others ?].

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“What’s exciting about NASCAR?” Michael Schumacher asked. “I can’t see it, running around in ovals. I just don’t see the challenge in it for me. Personally I wouldn’t do it.”

On Ferrari’s chances of winning in Magny Cours

“I hope we can be as competitive here as in Indy,” began the German. “To be honest, it all depends on the tyres. We have a great car and if the tyres work then we look good, if they don’t then we don’t.”

It is the same fun that one gets while running all over the places, up & down, left & right inside a car where you can’t move your ass if you want to scratch it. But then, who is complaining ?

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Jean TodtAs reported on dailyF1news

Jean Todt has played down media reports that Magny Cours will be the start of a rejuvenated push by Ferrari for the 2006 world title, with supposedly nearly $30m of extra funds.

”But I would not say the new parts can be defined as significant in terms of performance,” he insisted. Todt also expects Renault to re-join the battle on home territory. ”Here in France,” he explained, ”I think we will find that our main rivals will be more competitive once again.”

Even we agree that Indianapolis was more like a-flash-in-pan given the conservative strategy of Micheline. But Magny Cours is going to be a completely different ball game altogether. What good use the additional $27M will offer will be seen over couple of next races.

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BMW Sauber
As reported on HomeofSport

The remnants of the ‘flexi-wing’ saga are likely to soon end, with BMW-Sauber asked by the FIA at Indianapolis to bring modified rear bodywork to Magny Cours.

according to British magazine Autosport, it now emerges that – after a closer look and an unique test at Indianapolis – FIA inspectors ruled that Hinwil-based BMW should stiffen an element of the wing for the French grand prix.

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Juan Pablo Montoya.pngAs reported on

McLaren have denied reports that they intend dropping Juan Pablo Montoya for his part in the multi-car pile-up at the start of the United States Grand Prix.

“No,” McLaren COE Martin Whitmarsh responded when asked by Autosport if they were planning on axing Montoya.

Okay, so McLaren will keep Montoya and they have already signed Alonso, so Kimi would definately not be racing with them next season ?? Or is it that they won’t dump Montoya because of Indianapolis debacle, but can dump him for some other reason [they do have a lot to choose from]?

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