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“Of course, we are at a point in the championship where, naturally, there is pressure on us,” began Felipe Massa. “It is a delicate moment. But this is a normal situation: when you are a Ferrari driver and the team is fighting for the titles then there will always be pressure.”

“I see us in good shape at all three remaining races,” he maintained. “The three circuits should suit us well and even here in Shanghai, Ferrari has won before. However, having said that, the past does not count. What is important is that, this year, we have gone well on tracks with similar characteristics, like Turkey and Malaysia, so these circuits all share some similarities with Shanghai and I think you can say the same about Suzuka next weekend.”

“We have new things on the car such as new aerodynamic components and suspensions and that should help us a bit,” he revealed. “I think we have done a solid job in this area and it gives me more confidence. Certainly, our rivals have also got new parts but I know we will have a competitive package.”

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DollarsIn the wake of US$ 5 Million fine imposed on the organisers of Turkish GP, below is a list of some of the biggest fines in motorsport history.

  • US$5 Million Turkish Grand Prix organisers fined for controversial podium ceremony in August 2006 that had Turkish Cypriot leader Mehmet Ali Talat handing out the winners’ trophy after the race in Istanbul.
  • US$1 Million Ferrari, Michael Schumacher and team mate Rubens Barrichello were fined for a breach of podium procedures after the infamous 2002 Austrian Grand Prix that saw Barrichello ordered to move over for Schumacher at the end after leading the entire race.
  • US$1 Million South Korean carmaker Hyundai fined in 2004 for missing four rounds of the World Rally championship.
  • US$1 Million Hungarian Grand Prix organisers fined after a track invasion at the 1998 race won by Ferrari’s Michael Schumacher.
  • US$500,000 Benetton fined after Schumacher ignored a black flag warning at the 1994 British Grand Prix.
  • US$200,000 Benetton and Williams pay the price after being found guilty of using irregular fuel at the 1995 Brazilian Grand Prix.
  • US$100,000 McLaren and Benetton each fined by FIA after failing to make computer codes available immediately after the 1994 San Marino Grand Prix.
  • US$100,000 Brazilian Grand Prix organisers fined for safety problems during the 2000 GP. Qualifying was interrupted three times after advertising hoardings fell on the track. One hit French driver Jean Alesi.
  • US$100,000 Brazilian Ayrton Senna fined for dangerous driving at the 1990 Japanese Grand Prix. He later accused FISA president Jean-Marie Balestre of manipulating the championship. McLaren paid the fine.
  • US$50,000 McLaren fined and lost 10 points in the constructors’ championship for a missing seal on an electronic control unit after Finland’s Mika Hakkinen won the 2000 Austrian Grand Prix. Hakkinen kept the race win.
  • US$50,000 McLaren fined for fuel irregularities at 1997 Belgian Grand Prix.
  • US$50,000 Ferrari fined for vandalism at Portugal’s Estoril circuit in 1994 after mechanics helped break down a locked door to leave the track after working on the team’s cars.

Courtsey: Reuters

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Organisers of the Turkish grand prix have just thirty days to pay a $5 million fine imposed on Tuesday morning by the FIA’s World Motor Sport Council. The revelation means that, despite escaping the ultimate sanction for politicising the podium ceremony at the Istanbul event last month, the race scheduled for August 26 next year is still in doubt.

”We’ve only got a very short period to find the money,” track manager Baran Asena acknowledged to British broadcaster ITV, ”but we are sure our race, which has been one of the most popular additions to formula one, will stay on the calendar.”

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$5M fine for Turkish GP organisers

Posted: September 19, 2006 by Neeraj in FIA, Formula-One, Istanbul, RaceTracks

The organizers of Turkish GP has been fined US$ 5 Million by The World Motor Sports Council. This is by far the biggest fine every imposed in the history of motorsports.

A quick recollection, the organizers came under heavy firing from FIA when Mr Mehmet Ali Talat, who presented the winner’s trophy to Felipe Massa, was introduced as president of the Turkish Cypriot "state" which is in fact only recognised by Turkey and no other nation.

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Renault’s hopes of stemming Ferrari’s advance in the title battle have been dealt a blow after an innovative design on their car was ruled illegal. The court of appeal of Formula One’s governing body, the FIA, said on Wednesday that the team’s “mass damper” contravened the sport’s rules.

The FIA views the “mass damper” – a counterweight mounted within the nose of the car – as a movable aerodynamic device, even though it never comes into contact with the airflow around the car.

“I really do not believe the FIA can win the appeal on the grounds they have said,” Renault engineering director Pat Symonds said before ruling, “but if they do then we really have to start to relook at the definition of what a racing car is – its suspension, everything. If the FIA choose to interpret in the particular manner they are doing now, then there are many, many other parts on the car open to interpretation.”

Will the ruling really hurt Renault that badly ? Given the performance of their car in Hockenheim it seems so. Will get to see the truth this weekend in Istanbul.

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McLaren Mercedes

Team McLaren-Mercedes will celebrate a milestone at the Turkish Grand Prix this coming weekend, as the event marks the 200th grand prix for the McLaren and the Mercedes-Benz partnership.

“This is already the 200th grand prix together with our partner McLaren since 1995 – a period which has truly passed at racing speed,” said Mercedes boss, Norbert Haug. “An anniversary like this is also an occasion to look back, although in all sporting competitions, the present and the future are obviously more important than the past.

McLaren CEO, Martin Whitmarsh meanwhile is also hopeful and reckons their form in Hungary is another good sign: “It was an excellent result for Pedro in Hungary at the last race [to finish second]. Both he and Kimi, with their respective strategies, were strong throughout the weekend and we hope that we can continue this pace into Turkey,” he added.

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The F1 Blog

Question: When you are one of the best F1 drivers, how do you mess your chances of a podium-finish ?

A. When in hurry, take aerial route, even if that include jumping over other cars !
B. Pit crew leave a “nut” or two loose, in case the tyre reach the finish line before you !
C. Knowing your tyres are messed up, you try to fight with cars that are 5-6 seconds faster than your car !
D. You start from middle of the grid & run a smooth & trouble free race, waiting for others to choose one/all-of-the-above options !!

I really was hoping to see a wet-and-wild race weekend this calendar, given all the excitement that is associated with such race. And I couldn’t have asked for anything more. From sheer stupidity to sheer calmness, from aerial routes to tyre-wall kissing and not to forget the amazing “nut-effect” !!

Jenson ButtonTaking nothing away from Jenson Button, Pedro De la Rosa & Nick Heidfeld and the good drive all of them had. For the first time I felt that Jenson truly deserved the win, given his sensible and calm driving, good team works at pit stops & the performances by Michelin.

But for me, I’ll remember the weekend more because of stupidity of Michael Schumacher and the failure of Bridgestones Hard-Wet Weather tyres, also the Kimi Raikkonen’s aerial route escapade and Fernando Alonso’s “nut-effect”. Although Renault said that Alonso faced drive-shaft failure, but TV replay’s showed front & rear right-hand-side wheel nuts deciding to move away from the car.

And I have 3 weeks to get over it before the F1 bandwagon moves to Turkey, Istanbul.

Oh! and as for the multiple choice question, I’ll take option D anyday, like any sensible driver.

Off topic, I am still waiting for my new hardware I mentioned thanks to Heavy Rains [oh! the irony, it rained in Hungary & it in Mumbai]. Hoping to get it in a day or two whenever rains subsides. So the “special something” will now have to wait till next race weekend.

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