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When asked if he could start the season again, which mistakes he would avoid, Renault engineering director Pat Symonds replied, “I would make sure we redesigned the wheel nut mechanism before Budapest, not afterwards! And I would not have changed Fernando’s front tyres in China.”

Atleast they won’t have a World Champion driving one of their cars next year, so they can just breath a little easy 🙂

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“For me the important thing is the Drivers’ championship, not only for me, for everybody,” Alonso said in Interlagos, Brazil. “We see all the publicity on the motorways, everywhere from China onwards. I think we only see Michael’s and Alonso’s face on the pictures. You don’t see the logo of Ferrari and Renault. I think the people remember which driver is the champion and which car he drove. I don’t think anyone remembers ten years ago who was the Constructors’ champion.”

Here is one fella who “likes” to speaks only truth, irrespective of how bitter it is ! Now only if Renault comes up with their side of bitter truth. But what he is saying is a fact, people generally remember the Driver who won the championship over th years and not the team.

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Michael SchumacherAs reported on

“There was a period I believe when Michael was wrestling with his (retirement) decision, but I think you saw his performance in China was classic Michael,” Ferrari technical director Ross Brawn told reporters at the Japanese Grand Prix. “If he can perform like that in the last two races it would be fantastic and I think he will. His head’s clear now, he knows what he’s doing and he is very focused on this championship.”

“I can only judge Michael’s condition (rather than Alonso’s) and he’s very focused, very positive and very calm. So I think he’s going to do a superb job, and it’ll be down to circumstance – the tyres, reliability and things like that,” Brawn added.

We know Alonso & Renault will give them [Schumi & Ferrari] a good fight, but then that is what even we are looking forward to.

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Flavio BriatoreAs reported on

“I talked with Fernando and Fisichella yesterday,” said Briatore. “Sometimes we talk about frustration, pressure and this and that, it happens. But I don’t think there is any problem at all. Maybe it gives us some more motivation for this weekend.”

“On Sunday, in China, I don’t think the (second) pitstop had any influence to the race. It looked bad, but overtaking on the circuit is impossible. You never know, though. We lost ten points in Budapest, this was really the reality.”

Briatore does believe, however, that Alonso was wrong to think that Fisichella should have helped him out more in China last weekend, when he was struggling with his new intermediate tyres.

The more appropriate headline should have been “Briatore tried to talk some sense in Alonso” ! Whether he succeeded or not, we’ll come to know in just few days time.

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Bridgestone TyresAs reported on

although Bridgestone decided against changing their original wet tyre plans for this weekend’s race in Suzuka as a result of what happened in China, the company’s technical manager Hisao Suganuma believes there will be no repeat of the dramas.

“This track [Suzuka] is much more abrasive than Shanghai, and on that sort of track the tyres we have will give a little bit better performance in qualifying if it is on the wetter side,” he told “I think China was an extreme case because the Chinese track surface is very smooth. The softer compound (Michelin) was better suited there and provided a bigger benefit over a hard compound (Bridgestone), while with an abrasive track like here the harder compound will perform in a better way.”

Well, this is quiet contrary to what we heard earlier, that Bridgestone is planning to bring a new set of tyres ot Suzuka. But I think this will bring some smile to Bridgestone shod runners.

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RenaultAs reported on

Renault have reshuffled their pitstop crew for this weekend’s Japanese Grand Prix following the problem that marred Fernando Alonso’s second pitstop in China last weekend, has learned.

Although Renault’s director of engineering Pat Symonds said after the event that the pitstop problem was “one of those things”, the team have subsequently decided to make a change – which includes replacing the right rear wheel-nut man. understands that Renault’s dilemma in choosing to make the revision for Japan was made difficult by the fact that the Chinese crew delivered Giancarlo Fisichella the fastest pitstop of the race at his second stop.

So Renault is trying their best to please Fernando Alonso whichever way they can. But the question is will it make any difference in changing the pit-crew ? When the same crew did an amazing job for Fisichella ?

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Ralf Schumacher.pngAs reported on

“Michael has the chance – he knows it,” Ralf told Reuters before Sunday’s Japanese Grand Prix. “He missed it last year, and he’s desperate to win the title this year. From a package point of view, you have to say Ferrari are clearly stronger and Michael will be very focused. It would be the perfect way of saying goodbye to everybody.”

Ralf also said Alonso’s reported comments in China last week, complaining there were people at Renault who did not want him to win, could hurt the Spaniard’s chances of retaining the title. “I think with Fernando leaving Renault (for McLaren) and there being some trouble with them fighting with each other a bit in the team as it seems, I clearly see Michael having the upper hand,” said the Toyota driver.

And the brotherly love prevailed at last [pun intended].

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