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WilliamsAs reported on

“We had a positive test at Silverstone last week where Alex tested a revised aero package that we will bring with us for the final three rounds,” said technical director Sam Michael. “We also concentrated on tyre testing in preparation for these races and are confident of our selection. This season has been tough for the team, so some good results in Asia and Brazil would be welcome and well deserved for everyone at Grove, and for the crew at Cosworth, who have all worked so hard this year.”

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Pedro De La RosaAs reported on

Lewis Hamilton could make his formula one debut for McLaren at the upcoming Chinese grand prix, according to the current occupant of the seat. Spaniard Pedro de la Rosa told commercial television channel ‘Tele 5’ that he still has not been told whether he is going to be needed beyond this week’s test at Silverstone.

De la Rosa has been going good, but given the performance of Hamilton in recent testing, we won’t be surprised if Hamilton is given a chance to drive in Chinese Grand Prix.

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WilliamsAs reported on homeofsport

Ahead of their partnership for 2007, Williams will use Toyota engines for the first time at the Silverstone test next week. The presently Cosworth-powered outfit plans to run a Toyota V8 in the rear of a modified ‘FW28’ chassis, with current test driver and 2007 racer Alex Wurz at the wheel.

So many teams deciding to start testing their next-season engines. Only hoping that the outcome does is not the same as that of Honda’s !

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“We completed a productive three day test at Paul Ricard last week with Kimi [Raikkonen], Pedro [de la Rosa] and Gary [Paffett] completing over 2,600km between them,” McLaren-Mercedes CEO, Martin Whitmarsh noted. “The test has been a focus of our intensive programme of testing and development, as we still need to find performance in the MP4-21, and there is a lot of determination within the team to bring this to the track.

“With the front row grid slot and podium at Silverstone, we are moving in the right direction but there is more work that needs to be done to catch up with our prime competitors.”

“We all have to work hard to become as competitive as we have been last year; five podium finishes in eight races do not reflect what this team is capable of and what we had planned. These improvements cannot be achieved overnight; however we will achieve them within a manageable period,” Mercedes boss, Norbert Haug pledged.

Even the snails move in right direction [albeit slow], therefore just moving in right direction is not enough, they have to move pretty fast. And with nearly half races in the season completed, I don’t know what’s the definition of “manageable period” as for them.

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Giancarlo FisichellaAs reported on HomeofSport

Renault principal Flavio Briatore admitted on Monday that the Roman driver qualified poorly ‘because of our mistake’, but did not elaborate.

However, Fisichella – whose runaway teammate Fernando Alonso netted his third win on the trot in England – told an Italian newspaper that his car had been set-up too close to the ground. ‘The team’s mistake cost me the front row,’ the 33-year-old said, ‘otherwise I would have been able to fight with Alonso for the podium.

Fisichella explained that, due to the parc ferme rule, he was then stuck with the disadvantage in the race, and also had to run higher tyre pressures to keep the ‘R26’ from bottoming out.

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As reported on dailyF1news

Mark Webber has confirmed speculation that the drivers’ ‘GPDA’ union will require Michael Schumacher to explain his Rascasse moment to rivals at Silverstone this week.

”We will see what he wants to tell us as fellow professionals about why he stopped,” Williams’ 29-year-old Australian driver told the Sun newspaper in England

Veteran of 256 grands prix Riccardo Patrese, who once was the German’s teammate (1993), said: ”Who do they think they are, going to heavily against a seven time champion? People say F1 is in a crisis; of course it is, with people like these.’

I believe enough is enough ! Stretching an issue uselessly will only hamper the sport. Even if he made a mistake, he was punished appropriately, end of story. PERIOD.

And why is Webber bouncing so much ? Shouldn’t he be concentrating more, alongwith Williams, on sorting out their engine problems first & winning a race before pointing fingers at others.

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As reported on homeofsport

With the logos of tobacco backer Mild Seven not allowed to be displayed at Silverstone, the championship-leading squad is to run in a ‘Tiger’ theme, designed by Taiwanese studio DEM Inc.

Fernando Alonso and Giancarlo Fisichella’s light blue cars will wear tiger eyes on the front and rear wings, while the animal is portrayed ready to pounce on the side pods.

I’m trying to get my hands on the image of new livery, will update the post as and when I get one.

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