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FerrariAs reported on

Ferrari have discovered that Schumacher’s blow-up was caused by a failure in the upper part of a valve – and is the first time this season that it has occurred. To add to the team’s frustrations, the part has been used for several races already.

“It’s the first time we had it, and it’s nothing to do with what happened to Felipe’s engine,” Ferrari spokesman Luca Colajanni said. “We’re still doing more analysis to understand why there was this failure, but it was nothing to do with the other one. That was in the same area, but it was a completely different thing. It was not a part that had been recently introduced, so this is why it’s strange. It happened in Suzuka, but it could have happened in Hockenheim. It’s the kind of thing that can always happen. It’s just a shame that it happened when it did.”

This generally happens when people does something after a long time … things tend to seem difficult 🙂

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Fernando AlonsoFernando Alonso couldn’t have been happier, Felipe Massa couldn’t have looked more grin grim & Giancarlo Fisichella couldn’t have looked more tired a tearful Giancarlo Fisichella who came to know that he has lost a very dear friend. That are the top 3 finishers of Japanese Grand Prix at Suzuka. And Michael Schumacher was left with a blown engine after leading from Alonso for almost 2/3rd of the race.

With this win, Drivers Championship is almost sealed with Alonso, all he has to do is get just 1 more point at Interlagos. And even Renault scored very important 16 points in Constructor’s Championship, leading Ferrari from 7 points.

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Bridgestone TyresAs reported on

although Bridgestone decided against changing their original wet tyre plans for this weekend’s race in Suzuka as a result of what happened in China, the company’s technical manager Hisao Suganuma believes there will be no repeat of the dramas.

“This track [Suzuka] is much more abrasive than Shanghai, and on that sort of track the tyres we have will give a little bit better performance in qualifying if it is on the wetter side,” he told “I think China was an extreme case because the Chinese track surface is very smooth. The softer compound (Michelin) was better suited there and provided a bigger benefit over a hard compound (Bridgestone), while with an abrasive track like here the harder compound will perform in a better way.”

Well, this is quiet contrary to what we heard earlier, that Bridgestone is planning to bring a new set of tyres ot Suzuka. But I think this will bring some smile to Bridgestone shod runners.

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RenaultAs reported on

Renault have reshuffled their pitstop crew for this weekend’s Japanese Grand Prix following the problem that marred Fernando Alonso’s second pitstop in China last weekend, has learned.

Although Renault’s director of engineering Pat Symonds said after the event that the pitstop problem was “one of those things”, the team have subsequently decided to make a change – which includes replacing the right rear wheel-nut man. understands that Renault’s dilemma in choosing to make the revision for Japan was made difficult by the fact that the Chinese crew delivered Giancarlo Fisichella the fastest pitstop of the race at his second stop.

So Renault is trying their best to please Fernando Alonso whichever way they can. But the question is will it make any difference in changing the pit-crew ? When the same crew did an amazing job for Fisichella ?

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Bridgestone TyresAs reported on FeedMeF1

Bridgestone has decided to bring a different specification of rain tyre to this weekend’s Japanese grand prix after French rival Michelin proved the class in the wet in Shanghai. The F1 circus is presently on a frantic four-day jump from Shanghai to Suzuka, but it is understood that – in response to Bridgestone’s qualifying nightmare – the company has ordered shipment of an unscheduled specification of rain tyre to Japan.

Undoubtedly Bridgestone was ages behind Michelin in regards of wet weather tyres in Shanghai. And I’m sure they must had a good “session” with all the teams [specially Ferrari & Michael] regarding the same. And Ferrari & Michael can’t rely on another “push-by-fate” in remaining 2 races if they really want to win both championships.

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Felipe MassaAs reported on

“Of course, we are at a point in the championship where, naturally, there is pressure on us,” began Felipe Massa. “It is a delicate moment. But this is a normal situation: when you are a Ferrari driver and the team is fighting for the titles then there will always be pressure.”

“I see us in good shape at all three remaining races,” he maintained. “The three circuits should suit us well and even here in Shanghai, Ferrari has won before. However, having said that, the past does not count. What is important is that, this year, we have gone well on tracks with similar characteristics, like Turkey and Malaysia, so these circuits all share some similarities with Shanghai and I think you can say the same about Suzuka next weekend.”

“We have new things on the car such as new aerodynamic components and suspensions and that should help us a bit,” he revealed. “I think we have done a solid job in this area and it gives me more confidence. Certainly, our rivals have also got new parts but I know we will have a competitive package.”

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Jenson ButtonAs reported on

“I think Ferrari are very strong,” Jenson Button told Reuters at Shanghai today. “These three circuits are the sort that might suit them well, and if Bridgestone have got their act together they will be very quick. There is a very good chance that he (Schumacher) could win three in a row. This isn’t his favourite circuit, looking at past races, but he’s quick in Suzuka (Japan) and Brazil, and I think the car will work well at those two and also here.”

Asked whether he would bet on Schumacher winning the championship, Button replied: “I probably would. I think a lot of people would as well, looking at the pace of the Ferrari at the moment. People used to say (McLaren’s) Kimi (Raikkonen) was not very quick in Japan and he won last year. I really don’t think it’s going to be a problem for Michael here.”

This is different ! We were quiet tired of people blowing their own trumpet for no-rhyme-or-reason.

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