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ExxonMobil has announced a long-term extension of itsTechnology Partnership with Team McLaren Mercedes to supply theFormula 1 racing team with Mobil 1-branded motor oils andhigh-performance fuels.

The Mobil 1, McLaren and Mercedes-Benz Technology Partnershipbegan in 1995, producing continuous advances in the technologies usedby Team McLaren Mercedes in Formula 1 racing, as the sportconcurrently provides the ultimate testing environments for fuels andlubricants and in everyday motoring.

Some facts from 12 successful years [of partnership]:

  • During a Formula 1 race, the Mobil 1 engine oil must withstand engine forces greater than 8,500 times the force of gravity (in contrast humans struggle to remain functional above 5 g’s).
  • During a race Mobil 1 must perform at temperatures in excess of 300 degrees C (572 degrees F) — hot enough to melt tin and close to the melting point of lead.
  • ExxonMobil supplies Team McLaren Mercedes with Mobil 1 engine, gearbox and chassis lubes, in addition to high performance fuel.
  • The latest extension to the Technology Partnership between McLaren Mercedes and ExxonMobil makes it one of the longest relationships in Formula 1 motorsport.

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