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Mark WebberAs reported on BBC SPORT

“Flavio was never keen for me to go to Williams and I know I made a costly mistake by not listening to him,” said Mark Webber. “He was very keen for me to go to Red Bull next season, so I wasn’t going to ignore his advice a second time

Reminiscing on his time at Williams, Webber told the Sydney Morning Herald: “I think it’s fairly safe to say I won’t be looking back with any fond memories. When I signed with the team, I was hoping to stay at Williams for a long, long time, but it wasn’t to be. Frank (Williams) will probably look back at me and think it wasn’t successful either.”

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RenaultAs reported on homeofsport

Renault boss Flavio Briatore confirmed this week that Fernando Alonso’s car will not be fitted in Brazil with the team’s latest specification of V8 engine. The French squad announced on Monday that the championship leader’s teammate, Giancarlo Fisichella, is to enjoy the new ‘e-spec’ engine, which is rumored to boast a one to two-tenth per lap advantage over its predecessor.

“We are going a bit safer with Fernando,” broadcaster RTL quoted Briatore as saying. Despite the more cautious preparation, though, the 56-year-old chief insisted that Alonso and the team have been instructed to win Sunday’s race in Sao Paulo. He said: “It’s like in soccer, if you go looking for a draw then you usually lose the match.”

Well, we tried to provide them a helping hand by letting them know the name of the most “Reliable” car around in India, didn’t we ? I only hope that they don’t take it too safe in one hand [Alonso] and too attacking on the other [Giancarlo]. Racing a new spec engine at the last race of the season where the title is still in a cliff-hanger situation sound just a bit too heroic. But we are sure Renault must be having full faith in their QC department.

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Flavio BriatoreAs reported on

“I talked with Fernando and Fisichella yesterday,” said Briatore. “Sometimes we talk about frustration, pressure and this and that, it happens. But I don’t think there is any problem at all. Maybe it gives us some more motivation for this weekend.”

“On Sunday, in China, I don’t think the (second) pitstop had any influence to the race. It looked bad, but overtaking on the circuit is impossible. You never know, though. We lost ten points in Budapest, this was really the reality.”

Briatore does believe, however, that Alonso was wrong to think that Fisichella should have helped him out more in China last weekend, when he was struggling with his new intermediate tyres.

The more appropriate headline should have been “Briatore tried to talk some sense in Alonso” ! Whether he succeeded or not, we’ll come to know in just few days time.

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The F1 BlogWe have been very keenly following the comments on two posts, Alonso’s keen to spoil Schu’s retirement party and Poll: In Monaco qualifying, did Schumi stopped deliberately ?. And there are allegations and cross-allegations flying every where.

The point that we saw in all the controversies was that there was no details available from FIA or any of the teams/drivers involved. Yes, we know that this has been the case for a long while now, but given the current storm the sport is facing, everything should be much more transparent.

If we take the Monaco incident, All Ferrari said was that they provided the telemetry data to FIA to go though & they tried to clear the doubts but stewards never listened. FIA on their part slapped the penalty. And all that remained after that were the unanswered question. What did the telemetry data showed that prompted FIA to slap the penalty ? What was Ferrari trying to tell the stewards ? Fast forward to Monza, and the same questions again crop up and again no answers were provided by FIA, except the stupid rule being changed.

But there was much more hue-and-cry this time because, first, Fernando Alonso is trying to retain his championship in a car that suddenly seems slower than Ferrari’s & McLaren’s and secondly because unlike Jean Todt & Michael Schumacher, Flavio Briatore & Fernando Alonso decided to be much more vocal about it [and in this process questioning the Formula-1 in itself, which even we believe was totally uncalled for].

The other problem has been that the people [FIA] who should be giving answers to the questions are the one who try to create more instability. Bernie Ecclestone & Max Mosely does not seems to be on the same page anymore, most of the time both are giving contradictory statements, if Max comes out in support of something, you can be sure Bernie will oppose it [most of the time].

The solution [again as we see it] is in fact very simple. First, make Formula-1 more transparent and provide complete data in support of the decisions that are taken. Second, all teams & drivers should be asked to issue a informal statement regarding the decision. Third [and most important], ask Bernie & Mad Max to think before they issue a statement, they are doing more harm than good to the sports, or take a step forward and ask both of them to retire and let young blood take Formula-1 to new heights.

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Flavio BriatoreAs reported on

The FIA has decided that there is no need to take action against Flavio Briatore over the controversial comments he made after the Italian Grand Prix, has learned that following a statement issued by Briatore claiming that his comments had been said as a joke, and then an interview he did the week after Monza to express his full faith in the governance of the sport, the matter has now had a line drawn underneath it.

“Both let their emotions get to them,” said FIA President Max Mosley. “In the heat of the moment they said some impulsive stuff. Considering the circumstances, sometimes you need to be tolerant.” He said: “I think on some occasions Flavio spoke in an over-excited manner. But, to be fair with him, he subsequently and promptly corrected his quotes.”

Very convenient. Say something really serious, then back-track from it saying it was “misinterpreted” and you are scott-free !

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RenaultAs reported on autosport

In a joint statement released today, Renault F1 team president Alain Dassas and the team’s managing director Flavio Briatore commented: “It is positive for Formula One to have another team racing with a top-line, competitive engine, and this agreement will also reinforce Renault’s presence in the sport. We look forward to working with a dynamic, ambitious company such as Red Bull.”

Red Bull have yet to notify Renault which of their two teams, Red Bull Racing or Toro Rosso, will use the French engine.

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Bernie EcclestoneAs reported on

Ecclestone would prefer to keep Schumacher for another year or two in Formula One. “I would prefer not to say goodbye,” he commented. “With his ability and his fitness Schumacher has at least two more years in him to race in Formula 1,” Ecclestone told Bild. Renault F1 team boss Flavio Briatore wasn’t that sad to see Schumacher go but Ecclestone doesn’t buy it. “I know that Renault would take him right away,” he said.

So what do you think ? Will Schumacher have a change-of-heart and move to Renault ?

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