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McLaren MercedesAs reported on Sporting Life

McLaren-Mercedes have vowed to improve in 2007, with both Norbert Haug and Ron Dennis promising there are better things to come.

“This year we had five or six chances to win a race but didn’t make it,” said Haug, Mercedes’ motorsport boss. “We were not good enough to drive for the title. However, he insists that next season McLaren will target the world title, saying: “We plan to come first (in 2007).”

Well, they better, since the eyes of all the Spain will be on them next year. And they will be getting the services of a World Champion next year to drive them to possible championship if they have a reliable & complete package.

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Honda F1As reported on homeofsport

Senior Aerodynamicist Simon Lacey has left Honda’s F1 team, according to reports. Unofficial website says he is bound for the role of ‘Chief Aerodynamicist’ at McLaren. At Ron Dennis’ Woking based outfit, he replaces Peter Prodromou, who started work at Red Bull Racing this week.

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Ron DennisAs reported on M&C Sport

Lewis Hamilton, the highly-rated young British driver, could be set to make his competitive bow in Formula One after his McLaren team revealed they were considering handing him a race seat for the season’s final grand prix in Brazil.

“Whether anything comes out of that to change our current thinking about the Brazilian GP, time will tell,” Ron Dennis told the Independent. “We are not viewing that test as an evaluation of his driving ability. It’s a chance for him to gain more mileage at a different type of circuit and for us to learn things that are important with regard to doing an event.”

Better sooner than later, and since the Bernie-the Supremo has spoken in support of Hamilton, it’s only time before he gets the F1 seat.

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Bernie EcclestoneAs reported on homeofsport

F1 supremo Bernie Ecclestone has joined Sir Frank Williams in urging McLaren to sign Lewis Hamilton to be Fernando Alonso’s teammate next year. “We need more fresh faces, Ron Dennis really should sign him up.”

Now that the Supremo has spoken, I’ll say there is good chances of Hamilton driving for McLaren next year.

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Sir Frank WilliamsAs reported on

Frank Williams says he would not think twice about bringing young Briton Lewis Hamilton into Formula One next season if he were McLaren’s Ron Dennis. “I wouldn’t be so presumptuous as to tell Ron Dennis… how to do his job,” the team boss wrote in the Daily Telegraph newspaper on Wednesday.

“If I were Ron, I would have no hesitation in putting him in the car. He looked outstanding this year, a super talent,” added Williams of the 21-year-old winner of this year’s GP2 feeder series. “There is another benefit too, that is often overlooked. These young drivers bring the costs down. They will be ratcheted up in the years ahead, of course, But it gives us a bit more flexibility.”

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Ron DennisAs reported on

“Juan Pablo is fully contracted to the end of the year and if we so choose he will test and race again, that is our option and no one else’s,” said McLaren boss Ron Dennis .

“I felt if he was focused on having the best end of season, I thought it would be easier for me to take the decision to keep him in the team, and better for him to get a better offer, so common objective was to get the best out of the season,” he explained.

“Obviously that objective somewhat changed when he decided that in 2007 he was going to race in NASCAR so the objectives became different. The appropriate action was for him to cool off and think about his situation until we have a common objective for the remaining races.”

JPM followers must be quiet excited to hear this. But, even if he did came back, will he have the motivation & willingness to win/complete the race ? When Ron Dennis is himself saying that his objectives has changed, then why keep this usless option open ? Obviously they already have promising drivers [lie De la Rosa & Hamilton] who can aptly takes JPM place in the team.

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As reported on

McLaren had a revised engine cover for the street race, which was rushed into service before going through as much on-track testing as would normally be the case. In Thursday Raikkonen suffered a fire when he ran slowly before and after a practice start on the grid at the end of the morning practice session.

“We had a long period with the engine on high revs,” said Ron Dennis. “It heated the exhaust system up to high temperature, and then you go out behind the safety car, and you don’t get enough airflow to cool off the exhaust.
“Of course these things we normally sort out in testing, but this is a new engine cover and new system in that area. Whilst we had a small problem in practice, we thought we’d resolved it. So we had a fire in the engine compartment that damaged the wiring loom.

“It’s frustrating, but we had the pace. It wasn’t bad luck. It was a reflection of our intensity of development.”

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