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Mark WebberAs reported on BBC SPORT

“Flavio was never keen for me to go to Williams and I know I made a costly mistake by not listening to him,” said Mark Webber. “He was very keen for me to go to Red Bull next season, so I wasn’t going to ignore his advice a second time

Reminiscing on his time at Williams, Webber told the Sydney Morning Herald: “I think it’s fairly safe to say I won’t be looking back with any fond memories. When I signed with the team, I was hoping to stay at Williams for a long, long time, but it wasn’t to be. Frank (Williams) will probably look back at me and think it wasn’t successful either.”

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Bernie EcclestoneAs reported on homeofsport

F1 supremo Bernie Ecclestone has joined Sir Frank Williams in urging McLaren to sign Lewis Hamilton to be Fernando Alonso’s teammate next year. “We need more fresh faces, Ron Dennis really should sign him up.”

Now that the Supremo has spoken, I’ll say there is good chances of Hamilton driving for McLaren next year.

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Sir Frank WilliamsAs reported on

Frank Williams says he would not think twice about bringing young Briton Lewis Hamilton into Formula One next season if he were McLaren’s Ron Dennis. “I wouldn’t be so presumptuous as to tell Ron Dennis… how to do his job,” the team boss wrote in the Daily Telegraph newspaper on Wednesday.

“If I were Ron, I would have no hesitation in putting him in the car. He looked outstanding this year, a super talent,” added Williams of the 21-year-old winner of this year’s GP2 feeder series. “There is another benefit too, that is often overlooked. These young drivers bring the costs down. They will be ratcheted up in the years ahead, of course, But it gives us a bit more flexibility.”

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As reported on homeofsport

Nelson Piquet Jr

Nelson Piquet Jr, the GP2-driving son of Brazil’s triple world champion, has moved into pole position to replace Heikki Kovalainen in the Renault test seat of 2007. With his Finnish predecessor set to score the plum race seat, the 21-year-old [Piquet Jr] is not only linked with the third driver role, but he has already signed a contract, according to the French portal ‘Le Blog Auto’.

It is additionally reported that Sir Frank Williams, who once tested the actually German-born Piquet Junior, was also interested in signing him, while recent rumours suggested that the rookie could be eying a race seat debut for a small team.

With Kovalainen moving to drivers seat for Renault next season, I guess that very much brought end to Kimi-moving-to-Renault theory.

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Sir Frank Williams
As reported on HomeofSport

Ferrari are heading towards a dream driver lineup pairing Michael Schumacher alongside Kimi Räikkönen for 2007. That’s the opinion of rival team principal Sir Frank Williams….

‘Ferrari have a massive budget and probably a $60m driver bill next year – that’s the way it looks,’ Williams told Speed TV. Hinting at Schumacher-Räikkönen, despite rumours linking the latter Finn with Renault, he added: ‘You know what I’m talking about; the two drivers.’

My. My. The ‘Kimi-Saga’ just does not settle down, does it ? But I have decided to will a little long before again opening my big mouth and coming to a conclusion. But to make things more interesting, checkout the Article below.

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WilliamsAs reported on

Sir Frank Williams says he expects to lose at least one of his Grove based team’s sponsors at the end of the season. ”Budweiser I think will go,’ the 64-year-old was quoted as saying by ‘Speed TV’.

He said Budweiser has also pulled out of a soccer deal, and are ‘driven by share price’, but admitted: ”Clearly we’re not setting the world alight.”

Another setback for the Williams since parting way with BMW ! I really hope they get a new sponsor to replace Bud next season.

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