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BMW Sauber

BMW-Sauber Motorsport director Mario Theissen unveiled ‘Albert 2’ at the team’s Hinwil factory today as he revealed the team were going their own route in opting away from traditional wind tunnel use. “Having two wind tunnels makes no sense to us. We want to be at the top of CFD and in order to be there we need a strong tool. With Albert 2 we have what we need to become the top in aerodynamics.” Dr Theissen said.

The Intel-powered computer is five times more powerful that its predecessor Albert, and is three times faster. Albert 2 can make 12,288,000,000,000 calculations per second. This is the equivalent of more than one million people multiplying two numbers every three seconds for an entire year.

WOW!! Some cracking numbers here !! No doubts super computers are the way of the future & cost effective as well.

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While we have the likes of Fernando Alonso and Kimi Raikkonen to carry us through after Schumacher leaves, there is another name on everyone’s lips after Polish racer Robert Kubica finished the Italian Grand Prix third in his only third race.

Despite Kubica’s lack of experience, he did everything right in Italy while his more experienced rivals made mistakes including his teammate Nick Heidfeld, who out-accelerated Michael Schumacher at the start to take second place, but then, as they went into the first corner, he switched to the inside line where there was a lot less grip.

When compared to other rookie that start this year, Nico Rosberg, Robert Kubica definately looks the future of Formula 1.

For Kubica’s hold the advantage of a complete package [car, team & personal performance], compared to Nico Rosberg [taking nothing away from his personal performance] who, we think, got hampered by lack of progress at Williams. Also the hype created during Rosberg’s initial races did a little harm to him, compared to a very quiet launch of Kubica and he proved his credentials directly on the circuit.

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Michael SchumacherIt’s official now. In post race interview, Michael Schumacher said to the world that he won’t be participating with the team at same level of racing. In other words, he’s retiring from being a Formula 1 Driver for Ferrari.

And that came after winning the Italian Grand Prix, with Kimi Raikkonen coming second and some astonishing driving from rookie Robert Kubica brought him his first Podium Finish with ending the race in Third place.

Details to follow.

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Kimi RaikkonenIt’s Kimi Raikkonen folks !! The Iceman will be starting from the pole position tomorrow and alongside him will be Michael Schumacher, followed by Nick Heidfeld driving a resurgent BMW-Sauber.

In summary, there were dramas galore, with 2 major tyres failure. First on happened during first qualifying run when Sakon Yamamoto’s Bridgestone gave away bring everything to a halt for 5 mins. The Marshals have to walk down the circuit to remove the tyre debris and the blowers were used to remove the aerodynamic pieces.

The second failure was of Alonso during the third qualifying run, when his right-rear tyre got puctured and he had to limped back to pitlane for change of tyres. As a result he ended at 5th position behind Felipe Massa in 4th.

So everything is set for making tomorrow’s race a nail-biting one !! For official timmings, visit the the Official Formula 1 Website.

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Toyota F1As reported on

Toyota Motorsport GmbH has revealed that it intends to quit the Grand Prix Manufacturers Association [GPMA], having claimed that the body has achieved its stated aims and was in danger of straying into other areas.

“We appreciate the contribution of the GPMA to date, but now it is important for us to shift our efforts and focus on our own sporting development,” chairman and team principal Tsutomu Tomita concluded, “Toyota’s position has already been put forward in the past – we want to retain F1 as the pinnacle of motorsport, to keep the technical challenge by not imposing unnatural restrictions on the technology used in F1 car development, to continue to attract and provide excitement to fans and importantly to adopt a positive attitude towards independent teams through offering technical support and supplying engines.

Toyota’s exit leaves four manufacturers – Renault, DaimlerChrysler, BMW and Honda – as members of the GPMA …. The GPMA, meanwhile, has responded by acknowledging the latest depletion of its ranks, but insisted that it respected Toyota’s decision, and said that the company would be welcome to rejoin at any point in the future.

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Robert KubicaAs reported on CNN

BMW Sauber said the 21-year-old test driver had been promoted to the race seat after 1997 world champion Villeneuve told them he had not fully recovered from an accident at Hockenheim last weekend.

“I had prepared myself for a whole year without actually competing in any races so I’m even happier to get his opportunity,” he said. “I’m proud that BMW Sauber has such confidence in me. I’m determined not to let them down.” Robert Kubica said.

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FIA bans BMW nose wings

Posted: July 25, 2006 by Neeraj in aerodynamics, BMW Sauber, FIA, Formula-One, Teams

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BMW-Sauber Fins

FIA wrote: “In view of recent developments to bodywork forward of the cockpit opening on some cars, we have become concerned that these devices may impair the forward and/or lateral vision of the driver. “Therefore, under Article 2.3 of the F1 Technical Regulations, unless any team concerned can clearly demonstrate to the satisfaction of the technical delegate and the stewards that their driver’s vision is not impaired in any way by such devices, no bodywork higher than the top of the front roll structure will be permitted forward of it.”

So much for the “Twin Towers”, but they did provide some comic-relief when they came out of the pit-garage [though can’t say same thing for their aerodynamic efficiency].

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