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Jarno TruliAs reported on Reuters

“Whoever drives for them will have a big advantage,” the Italian told the Gazzetta dello Sport newspaper on Tuesday. “I don’t think the departure of Schumacher or (technical director Ross) Brawn will change much. Even (Felipe) Massa can win with the current Ferrari.”

“We [Toyota] suffered from the switch from Michelin tyres to Bridgestone,” said Trulli, who signed a new three-year contract this season. “And then there were reliability problems. I believe in Toyota’s potential but we need to quicken our step.”

As far as Ferrari goes, that is what everyone is hoping and looking forward to. We also know that Toyota has the potential, but given their current form, they really need something extraordinary to come in top three positions.

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Ralf Schumacher.pngAs reported on

“Michael has the chance – he knows it,” Ralf told Reuters before Sunday’s Japanese Grand Prix. “He missed it last year, and he’s desperate to win the title this year. From a package point of view, you have to say Ferrari are clearly stronger and Michael will be very focused. It would be the perfect way of saying goodbye to everybody.”

Ralf also said Alonso’s reported comments in China last week, complaining there were people at Renault who did not want him to win, could hurt the Spaniard’s chances of retaining the title. “I think with Fernando leaving Renault (for McLaren) and there being some trouble with them fighting with each other a bit in the team as it seems, I clearly see Michael having the upper hand,” said the Toyota driver.

And the brotherly love prevailed at last [pun intended].

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WilliamsAs reported on homeofsport

Ahead of their partnership for 2007, Williams will use Toyota engines for the first time at the Silverstone test next week. The presently Cosworth-powered outfit plans to run a Toyota V8 in the rear of a modified ‘FW28’ chassis, with current test driver and 2007 racer Alex Wurz at the wheel.

So many teams deciding to start testing their next-season engines. Only hoping that the outcome does is not the same as that of Honda’s !

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Jarno TruliAs reported on homeofsport

Jarno Trulli has vowed to be a championship challenger in 2007 as he insisted that he is still as good as his former Renault teammate, Fernando Alonso ….. “This year we have not been able to win,” said the 32-year-old, ‘”ut the only thing missing for Toyota is experience. In 2007 we will be really competitive. My final objective for my career is to win the title. I know I can do it.”

Trulli reminded readers that, in 2004, most observers agreed at mid-season that Trulli had the measure of teammate Alonso, who a year later was world champion. “I had more points (in mid-2004), I had won in Monte Carlo and I was nearly always in front in the tests. You can’t ignore these facts.”

Wow !! Some strong words !! Seems someone has taken out pages from Button’s book. Jarno, we never ignored any facts [we rarely do that], but there is huge difference in just “having the measure” and “winning the world championship”.

Like your pal Button, I think you also need to concentrate more on winning the races than speaking. Why not let your race speak for yourself ?

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Spyker MF1 RacingAs reported on

Midland MF1 chief race and test engineer, Dominic Harlow has revealed that the Silverstone-based squad will introduce some ‘important’ aerodynamic updates at the Turkish GP this coming weekend.

“During the longer break between races, we have been able to produce some further important aerodynamic updates for the M16, and with help from our partners at Toyota and Bridgestone, we are looking forward to making further progress with the qualifying and race pace of our package,” said Harlow.

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Toyota F1As reported on

Toyota Motorsport GmbH has revealed that it intends to quit the Grand Prix Manufacturers Association [GPMA], having claimed that the body has achieved its stated aims and was in danger of straying into other areas.

“We appreciate the contribution of the GPMA to date, but now it is important for us to shift our efforts and focus on our own sporting development,” chairman and team principal Tsutomu Tomita concluded, “Toyota’s position has already been put forward in the past – we want to retain F1 as the pinnacle of motorsport, to keep the technical challenge by not imposing unnatural restrictions on the technology used in F1 car development, to continue to attract and provide excitement to fans and importantly to adopt a positive attitude towards independent teams through offering technical support and supplying engines.

Toyota’s exit leaves four manufacturers – Renault, DaimlerChrysler, BMW and Honda – as members of the GPMA …. The GPMA, meanwhile, has responded by acknowledging the latest depletion of its ranks, but insisted that it respected Toyota’s decision, and said that the company would be welcome to rejoin at any point in the future.

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Toyota F1As reported on HomeofSport

One of the Toyota Motor Corporation’s highest-ranking officials has dismissed speculation that the Japanese marque might pull out of F1 in the near future.

‘We do not think about such a thing,’ the Executive Vice President Kazuo Okamoto was quoted as saying by ‘Eurosport AutoMagazin’. ‘Don’t forget the investments we have made into our race team, the work at Cologne or the circuit at Fuji. ‘Our goal is the world championship and we will get there.’

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