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When asked if he could start the season again, which mistakes he would avoid, Renault engineering director Pat Symonds replied, “I would make sure we redesigned the wheel nut mechanism before Budapest, not afterwards! And I would not have changed Fernando’s front tyres in China.”

Atleast they won’t have a World Champion driving one of their cars next year, so they can just breath a little easy 🙂

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“Of course it’s difficult for him, but I hope he doesn’t give up,” said Pat Symonds, “I see us as statistical favourites but this has been a hell of a season, everything is so close. I feel good about our prospects but I want Michael fighting (against) us.”

“You’ve got to be strong in this business. And Michael is strong. If he made that comment that the championship’s all over, I suspect he’ll reflect overnight and he’ll be back fighting in Brazil. It’s his last race, if nothing else, and even if Fernando is sitting on his tail, he’ll want to win that race so much.”

That’s a good thing to say, as long as you are serious about it. “You never know what can happen in F1 !” is a good statement, but the irony is IF Alonso, by a freak chance, is unable to score any points at Interlagos and Schumacher wins it, there is going to be huge cry over the authenticity of the game. Take it with a pinch of salt, but it is true.

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Renault have reshuffled their pitstop crew for this weekend’s Japanese Grand Prix following the problem that marred Fernando Alonso’s second pitstop in China last weekend, has learned.

Although Renault’s director of engineering Pat Symonds said after the event that the pitstop problem was “one of those things”, the team have subsequently decided to make a change – which includes replacing the right rear wheel-nut man. understands that Renault’s dilemma in choosing to make the revision for Japan was made difficult by the fact that the Chinese crew delivered Giancarlo Fisichella the fastest pitstop of the race at his second stop.

So Renault is trying their best to please Fernando Alonso whichever way they can. But the question is will it make any difference in changing the pit-crew ? When the same crew did an amazing job for Fisichella ?

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As reported on FeedMeF1

In the lead-up to Shanghai, Renault’s technical chief Pat Symonds mused that he would put money on Fernando Alonso reacting better than Michael Schumacher to the pressure of a close duel. And, referring to Schumacher’s imminent retirement, he added: “I think the pressure for him is greater than ever.”

“(Symonds) said what he said,” technical director Ross Brawn commented, “but whether he believes it or not, I don’t know. Of Michael’s ability to resist pressure, I am very convinced. He has proved it seven times. Perhaps Pat should have said that as well.”

Ho Ho Ho !! Things are getting very very interesting, on-track & off-track. And the question remains … who will show the first signs of cracking ?

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Wheel Cap as seen on Toro RossoAs reported on DailyF1News

Renault technical chief Pat Symonds has questioned the legality of Ferrari’s wheel fairings, after it emerged that the Italian team intend to again use the innovation at Monza this week …. Although Ferrari insist that they aid brake cooling, not aerodynamic efficiency

“You’re allowed to change the wheels,” Renault technical chief Pat Symonds confirmed, “but (Ferrari) are also changing their (car’s) brake cooling.”

Why name only Ferrari about it ? There are other teams as well [Toro Rosso, for example] who are using the same thing [as shown above in the image].

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Renault’s hopes of stemming Ferrari’s advance in the title battle have been dealt a blow after an innovative design on their car was ruled illegal. The court of appeal of Formula One’s governing body, the FIA, said on Wednesday that the team’s “mass damper” contravened the sport’s rules.

The FIA views the “mass damper” – a counterweight mounted within the nose of the car – as a movable aerodynamic device, even though it never comes into contact with the airflow around the car.

“I really do not believe the FIA can win the appeal on the grounds they have said,” Renault engineering director Pat Symonds said before ruling, “but if they do then we really have to start to relook at the definition of what a racing car is – its suspension, everything. If the FIA choose to interpret in the particular manner they are doing now, then there are many, many other parts on the car open to interpretation.”

Will the ruling really hurt Renault that badly ? Given the performance of their car in Hockenheim it seems so. Will get to see the truth this weekend in Istanbul.

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while in the previous two races the tyre problems weren’t as severe due to Renault’s mass dampers, which are devised to regulate tyre performance in order to give better grip, at Hockenheim the team weren’t able to run with them and suffered the full effects of their blistering Michelin tyres.

“I think we know where the problem is. It can be rectified quite easily,” Renault’s Director of Engineering Pat Symonds told The Telegraph. “We’ve learnt so much already about what happened during the race in Germany that we can get back a long way.”

Not guilty unless proven so !!! And with their Mass Damper issue not set to resolve before next race weekend, it only make sense to use them. Whether that makes any difference is yet to be seen.

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