Mark WebberAs reported on

“I’m really looking forward to the new season, no question about it. The new car is coming out in the middle of January. Hopefully we won’t have to hold too much back at all, we can get into it and show what the car can really do here in the first race in Melbourne,” Mark Webber said. “I’m looking forward to it when we hit the ground running in January.”

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Fernando AlonsoAs reported on homeofsport

“They [McLaren Mercedes] have not won the title in recent years so I want to help McLaren to find the way back to victory,” the newspaper ‘As Diario’ quoted Alonso as saying. He said he would give Woking based McLaren ‘advice’ about ‘the techniques we used at Renault’.

And to think that Renault won’t have thought about it ?? And not just Renault, with so many drivers changing teams, this would undoubtedly be something every team would have thought about and sorted out.

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Kimi RaikkonenAs reported on

“My toughest rival won’t be Fernando, but my teammate Felipe Massa,” Kimi Raikkonen told Bild magazine in an interview. “From now on, I’ll see McLaren-Mercedes only in my rear-view mirrors.”

“There are many reasons why in five years I only won nine times,” he added. “Certainly I made a few mistakes too many, but the car was often not consistent enough, simply. I had opted for Ferrari a long time ago, and I’m convinced with this team I will become world champion. That’s my objective, even though it’s hard to say whether I’ll manage that immediately.”

Already basking in the Scarlet color and talking their language ?? Although we also have our own ‘concerns’ regarding Alonso’s decision to move to McLaren given their performance this year, but we are hoping that they can turn around this pretty quickly and we’ll have another interesting season next year.

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Is the wait finally over ?

Posted: November 13, 2006 by Neeraj in Formula-One

While I was waiting eagerly for getting back to the Net-Land, I came across the story in one of the National Daily stating that our good ol’ Bernie has said in an interview regarding holding the first Indian Grand Prix in year 2010. Digging a bit deeper and after ending up buying all the different tabloids that were available, the story unfolds in following manner:

1. Apparently Spyker have entered in an agreement with one of the state government to develop F1 Circuit and F1 based theme park.
2. They have signed a MoU, for Spyker being given 500 acres of land, with an option to buy more land if need arise.
3. The approx cost of the project is in the region of $500 Million.
4. The “State Government” in question here is of Haryana and the development will take place near NOIDA [that’s near to the New Delhi, the national capital].

As per the tabloid, this is what Bernie was referring to when he said he was ‘far down the line’ in negotiations with a regional government. And naturally my heart leapt with joy reading the news. Though no official announcement has been made till now.

Infact this is not the first time that there has been talks of Indian Grand Prix, earlier there were talks of building a GP circuit near Calcutta [around 1998] but that was put to hold because government came out with No Tobacco Advertisement policy. After that there were talks of building one near Hyderabad, this was went-down-the-drain because Hyderabad does not have a International Airport neither the infrastructure to accommodate the whole Formula-1 Circus, and also because the-then Chief Minister Mr Naidu lost the state elections.

After that there have been many roumers of numerous state governments showing interest in building the F1 Circuit [including Mumbai], but this is the first time that something is written with such authority in a National Daily. So is the wait for thousands of F1 Fans in India finally over ? I really hope so.

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No updates for next 4 days

Posted: November 9, 2006 by Neeraj in internal

I’m changing my ISP and this is the last post using my old ISP as the net will go down in another 15 mins [and I’ll fall into the dark world of dis-connectivity]. I’ll be back online, hopefully, by Sunday evening once new wiring and config is in place [what my new ISP has promised].

See you then on the other side.

Spyker MF1 RacingAs reported on

The Spyker F1 team have added Trust to their sponsor portfolio for the 2007 Formula One season. Trust returns to Formula One three years after its last F1 partnership with the Jordan team, later renamed Midland before Spyker took over. The Dutch brand, manufacturers of portable peripherals, entered Formula One with Jos Verstappen and the Minardi team in 2003. The company’s logo will appear on the 2007 cars and drivers.

“The comeback of Trust in F1 is a major victory for Spyker F1 Team. I am really proud that the Trust brand name will be on our racecars in the years to come.” said Michiel Mol, Spyker’s director of Formula One.

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Jarno TruliAs reported on Reuters

“Whoever drives for them will have a big advantage,” the Italian told the Gazzetta dello Sport newspaper on Tuesday. “I don’t think the departure of Schumacher or (technical director Ross) Brawn will change much. Even (Felipe) Massa can win with the current Ferrari.”

“We [Toyota] suffered from the switch from Michelin tyres to Bridgestone,” said Trulli, who signed a new three-year contract this season. “And then there were reliability problems. I believe in Toyota’s potential but we need to quicken our step.”

As far as Ferrari goes, that is what everyone is hoping and looking forward to. We also know that Toyota has the potential, but given their current form, they really need something extraordinary to come in top three positions.

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