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Posted: July 6, 2006 by Neeraj in Ferrari, FIFA, Formula-One, Renault, Teams

Well, this is a bit off topic & part weird [atleast to some of you], but what-the-heck !

Everyone knows about the 2 finalist of the FIFA World cup 2006. Yes, Italy & France [and now the French-connection], interestingly enough, the two teams who are fighting for the F1 Championships, i.e Renault & Ferrari belongs to which countries ??

Okay, I’ll spill it out, Ferrari is Italy based whereas Renault is France based.

And now, the two-sided sword. Who do you think will win the FIFA World Cup? Italy ? France ? And who do you think will win F1 Championships ? Ferrari ? Renault ?

Renault are the favor of the 2006 season, whereas Ferrari made a comeback from shambles [looking at their performance last year]. Likewise, France are touted to be the favorites and Italy came out of nowhere ! Really, did you thought of seeing them in the Finals ? Atleast I did not, not in my wildest dreams.

Now you know where this article is going towards, don’t you ? Well, that is where I actually intend to take it.

So do you see a connection here ?? Go ahead, and have your say.

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