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“Michael has the chance – he knows it,” Ralf told Reuters before Sunday’s Japanese Grand Prix. “He missed it last year, and he’s desperate to win the title this year. From a package point of view, you have to say Ferrari are clearly stronger and Michael will be very focused. It would be the perfect way of saying goodbye to everybody.”

Ralf also said Alonso’s reported comments in China last week, complaining there were people at Renault who did not want him to win, could hurt the Spaniard’s chances of retaining the title. “I think with Fernando leaving Renault (for McLaren) and there being some trouble with them fighting with each other a bit in the team as it seems, I clearly see Michael having the upper hand,” said the Toyota driver.

And the brotherly love prevailed at last [pun intended].

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In a 45-minute meeting at the Shanghai circuit on Friday evening, the GPDA went ahead with nominating the board that they wished to represent them for the next 12 months. It was agreed that Alonso, Webber and Ralf Schumacher will become directors, with the Toyota driver also becoming the new chairman to replace David Coulthard. The former directors of the GPDA were Coulthard, Michael Schumacher and Jarno Trulli.

It is understood that Schumacher’s stepping down from the GPDA, because of his imminent retirement, was a key factor in convincing Alonso to get involved.

One world champion giving way for another world champion ! That’s what bringing in new blood is all about. We hope that these guys will carry forward the good work others have been doing.

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Ralf Schumacher has warned fans to not expect to see him on the top step of the podium for some time. The German, who has not won a race since switching from Williams at the end of 2004, admitted that the Toyota team is not yet knocking on the door of victory.

”With a little luck we can beat the second drivers of the top teams,” 30-year-old Ralf told Kicker magazine.

”We are missing seven to ten kph of top speed,” Ralf revealed, ”so I believe the chicanes of Montreal will suit us better than Indianapolis.”

Not to be overtly critique or something, but who is really expecting Totoya to win a GP this season ? Given their “ordinary” performance so far in the season.

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