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Mark WebberAs reported on

“I’m really looking forward to the new season, no question about it. The new car is coming out in the middle of January. Hopefully we won’t have to hold too much back at all, we can get into it and show what the car can really do here in the first race in Melbourne,” Mark Webber said. “I’m looking forward to it when we hit the ground running in January.”

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Honda F1As reported on homeofsport

Senior Aerodynamicist Simon Lacey has left Honda’s F1 team, according to reports. Unofficial website says he is bound for the role of ‘Chief Aerodynamicist’ at McLaren. At Ron Dennis’ Woking based outfit, he replaces Peter Prodromou, who started work at Red Bull Racing this week.

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David CoulthardAs reported on M&C Sport

David Coulthard says he thinks that Michael Schumacher should apologies for his past behavior on the track now that he has retired … he thinks that some of the former seven times world champion’s manoeuvres still had question marks over them.

The Red Bull driver said that if Michael didn’t apologise then it would be worrying, but that if he thinks he doesn’t even have anything to apologise for then it was even more concerning. Coulthard said that he was making the observations as an F1 fan and that he had a good off-track relationship with Schumacher working within the Grand Prix Drivers Association.

We have great respect for DC as a Formula 1 driver given his driving skills and experience. But this new “thought” of his is something we are not able to understand. Maybe we are a bit biased towards Schumi, so we will go by what you think about this. Do you really think Schumacher should issue a formal apology for his old misdeeds ??

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Mark WebberAs reported on BBC SPORT

“Flavio was never keen for me to go to Williams and I know I made a costly mistake by not listening to him,” said Mark Webber. “He was very keen for me to go to Red Bull next season, so I wasn’t going to ignore his advice a second time

Reminiscing on his time at Williams, Webber told the Sydney Morning Herald: “I think it’s fairly safe to say I won’t be looking back with any fond memories. When I signed with the team, I was hoping to stay at Williams for a long, long time, but it wasn’t to be. Frank (Williams) will probably look back at me and think it wasn’t successful either.”

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David CoulthardAs reported on

”I don’t recall him ever coming out and admitting he did anything wrong even when the stewards had penalised him,” David Coulthard, who races for Red Bull, was quoted as saying by British broadsheet the Guardian. He added: ”I’ve yet to see him apologise for anything that may have been deemed unsporting.”

But unlike Fernando Alonso, Coulthard thinks it is possible that seven time drivers’ world champion Schumacher could be given the benefit of the doubt.

He said of Schumacher’s refusal to ever apologise: ”That’s either a strong inner belief on his part even when the evidence of the governing body suggests he’s done something wrong, or it’s a strategy … not to show a weakness.”

A strong inner belief ? A strategy ? We believe it’s winning at any costs come what or who period. You can call it whatever you want.

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RenaultAs reported on autosport

In a joint statement released today, Renault F1 team president Alain Dassas and the team’s managing director Flavio Briatore commented: “It is positive for Formula One to have another team racing with a top-line, competitive engine, and this agreement will also reinforce Renault’s presence in the sport. We look forward to working with a dynamic, ambitious company such as Red Bull.”

Red Bull have yet to notify Renault which of their two teams, Red Bull Racing or Toro Rosso, will use the French engine.

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As reported on AGIOnline

Kimi Raikkonen

Kimi Raikkonen had his driver’s licence and passport confiscated: the Formula 1 pilot was pulled over in a state of drunkenness in Milan. His fame of party animal keeps growing. The McLaren pilot, probably in Ferrari next season, would have committed the offence after a party organised by Red Bull after the Grand Prix of Hungary in Budapest according to the German journal “Bild um Sonntag”. The pilot would get a 7,500 dollars’ fine.

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